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Tag: "turnkey businesses"

[ 0 ] Jun. 29, 2013

Startup Saturday: 10 Ways To Investigate A Business Opportunity

Thinking of starting your own business this year, but don’t want to launch a business completely from scratch? Then consider a business opportunity often referred to as a turnkey business. With a business opportunity package you are purchasing a system of doing business that often comes with an instructional manual or a video. There are […]

[ 0 ] Mar. 1, 2012

One Day Business Startup

You can start a small business for a wide variety of reasons: flexibility, self-esteem, money, fulfilling a dream. In today’s world, many people want to start a spare or part-time business to generate extra income each month but don’t want to go through what they might perceive as the hassle of coming up with an […]

[ 0 ] Apr. 13, 2011


Looking to buy a business rather than start one on your own from scratch? Don’t want to incur the hefty investment reserved for franchises? Consider purchasing a “Business Opportunity” package. Sometimes called “turnkey” businesses (as you only have to turn the virtual key to get started), these packages have something for every interest and budget. […]

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