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Tag: "SBOMAG Newsletter"

[ 0 ] Feb. 23, 2015

Three Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

By Dave Thompson Customer loyalty is arguably the most important factor in business today. Not only will customer loyalty bring repeat business, but it will also translate to more opportunities via word of mouth as well as brand mulligans for those little hiccups that occur every now and again. Here are three tips that we’ve […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 23, 2015

Three Financial Mistakes You Must Avoid

3 Financial Mistakes That Can Haunt Your Family After Your Life Is Over Careful Planning Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls, Says Finance Professional Who Advises Retirees The impact of financial decisions people make today can carry on even after they die, and not always in a good way. Sound financial planning is key. Failing to make the […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 16, 2015

The Social Media Cocktail Party

Afraid To Admit That You Don’t Understand Social Media? View Those Sites As A Cocktail Party Where The Rules of Networking Etiquette Apply By Marsha Friedman I talk to a lot of business owners and authors who don’t “get” social media. A year or two ago when I’d speak with them, most were quick to […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 16, 2015

Small Business 2015 Forecast

Jake Gasaway, co-founder of Stitch Labs (www.stitchlabs.com) – an industry leader in inventory and multichannel selling, thinks 2015 is going to be a stupendous year for small business, with heavy advancements in payment and RFID technology. “Payments are driving competition, which drives innovation. It used to be that people were afraid of bar code scanners, […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 16, 2015

Become A Visionary To Your Team

How To Get Your Team Behind You and Become a Visionary By Matthew Pollard Becoming a true visionary doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some discipline, some skill, and a lot of hard work. I’ve dedicated the last decade to becoming known for building successful businesses and achieving rapid growth, but I had humble beginnings. Here […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 9, 2015

Big Data Could Damage Your Business

Six Ways Big Data Could Damage Your Business—and What to Do About It By Owen Shapiro As every marketer knows, the era of Big Data is here, and with it comes a huge smorgasbord of opportunities to connect with customers in amazing new ways. Vast quantities of customer information are now flowing into businesses from […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 9, 2015

Life Coach Says Check Your Ego

How to live like your ego is not your amigo. Certified life coach offers tips on how to circumnavigate your own worst enemy–your ego.  Human beings are capable of a rich inner life that, sadly, seems to elude so many, says dating and life coach Deborah Downey. “I doubt that most of us fully realize […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 9, 2015

Paychex Highlights Top 10 Regulatory Issues

Paychex Identifies the Top 10 Regulatory Issues Small Businesses Need to be Aware of in 2015 With the New Year in full swing, small business owners are focused on implementing their strategic plans for 2015. An important component of those plans should include monitoring potential regulatory changes and understanding how they may impact the small […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 2, 2015

Tae Kwon Do and Innovation

Innovation and Tae Kwon Do Defy the Impossible:           Bringing the Rational and Illogical Into Perfect Balance By Jonathan Cagan Tae Kwon Do practitioners are greeted by a bow, special handshake and “Tae Kwon.” Beyond these words is an oath to respect instructors and elders and build a more peaceful world based on the ability […]

[ 0 ] Feb. 2, 2015

Is Your Site Smartphone Friendly?

Is your site optimized for smartphone view? 7 tips to your website smartphone-friendly By Lori Cronwell snapmobl transforms any website into a smartphone friendly website. Automatically. No coding required. The result is a mobile website with outstanding performance. Our customers experience contact rates up to 80 percent! You might think the short, snappy text on […]

[ 2 ] Feb. 2, 2015

Reaching Teenagers

Do you need help drawing teenagers to your small business?  An expert offers three ways to attract teenage consumers to your business.   By Josh Seides Catchy songs, playful testimonials…the perfect combination for marketing to teenagers, right? On the contrary, this often misunderstood teen market has certain motives and universal turn-offs that should be recognized before […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 26, 2015

Why You Need A Management Handbook

6 Reasons Why You Need A Management Handbook By Peter C. Diamond As an entrepreneur or small business owner your attention is squarely centered on running the day-to-day operations in order to make your business successful. There are constant issues to be addressed, decisions to be made and fires to be put out. You also […]

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