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[ 0 ] Nov. 9, 2015

Office Security For The Holidays

Tips and strategies on office security during the holiday season.  By Herman Yau Be proactive and arm your workspace with adequate deterrents to ensure your office is as secure as possible. Cover the basics – Make sure your office building is in good working order before you shut down for the holidays. Double check that […]

[ 0 ] Nov. 9, 2015

LLC or Corporation? What’s Best For You?

LLC or Corporation: What business form is right for you new enterprise?   By Mark B. Goddard For most entrepreneurs, the choice of business entity comes down to an LLC or corporation, since both insulate personal assets from liability claims. LLCs, S corporations and C corporations all have advantages, depending on your business goals. LLCs […]

[ 0 ] Nov. 2, 2015

Cyber Security and Your Business

Using Key Cyber Security Tactics to Fight Back: How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Crooks By Bill O’Connell Vice President of Global Trust at ADP As a small business owner, could you unplug from your computer, smartphone or tablet even for a day? It’s practically impossible to imagine doing business today without technology. […]

[ 0 ] Nov. 2, 2015

Shark Tank “Tanks” On Critical Steps

Shark Tank “Tanks” in Illustrating Critical Steps of Ideation and Development By Scott J. Cooper CEO & Creative Director World Patent Marketing  With each new season of “Shark Tank,” viewers of the popular show are short-changed: the drama of seeking capital is on full display, but the background of how would-be-entrepreneurs first developed and patented […]

[ 0 ] Nov. 2, 2015

Need Funding Fast? Follow These Tips

Tips you should follow to get funding. By Stephen Sheinbaum Founder, Bizfi Every small business will need capital to grow. If you’ve decided that that capital shouldn’t—or can’t—come from your business’ own cash flow, you’ll want to get capital from an outside source in the most efficient way possible. You have a business to keep […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 26, 2015

Tips To Protect Your Data

Tips to help you prevent data loss. By David Zimmerman LC Technology International, Inc. Write and follow a data protection and management plan. Smaller businesses can often operate as informal organizations, with each staff member behaving as a “jack of all trades.” This attitude can be useful for acquiring customers and putting in the extra […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 26, 2015

Is Your Email Being Tagged As Spam?

Five Ways To Keep Your Marketing Email From Being Flagged As Spam By Marc Gordon Despite the popularity of social media, email continues to be the outreach tool of choice for many businesses. Better conversion rates, no worries of getting lost in a news feed, and the ability to automate campaigns are just some of […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 26, 2015

What Success Looks Like

Can you recognize success? Is success a state of mind or a destination? By Nathan Jamail President, Jamail Development Group Success can be defined in a number of ways. If you look up the definition you will several that you may agree with; the accomplishment of one’s goals, the attainment of wealth, position, honors or […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 19, 2015

Creating The Lifetime Buyer

How To Turn A One-Time Buyer Into A Lifetime Buyer By Benoît Gruber VP Corporate Communication Sage Enterprise Market Europe & Sage ERP X3 Customer service, both good and bad, has a long lasting impact on revenue. Today, customers can immediately go online to voice frustrations and discontent with a brand, and with online purchases and competitor […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 19, 2015

Identity Thieves and Your Business

Identity thieves can be a devastating problem for small businesses. It can take enormous resources and time to resolve the problems created all to the detriment to the entrepreneur who typically has little time to spare. It can even bring a business to a screeching halt if not caught and stopped quickly writes Garrett Sutton […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 19, 2015

Personality Styles of Your Employees

No Wonder They Can/Can’t Sell – Using Personality Styles to Get More from Your Employees By Bob Phibbs CEO, The Retail Doctor Retailers have tried everything it seems to get employees to sell more. Sometimes training helps, sometimes it doesn’t and so many try to hire the natural born salesperson. That doesn’t really work either […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 12, 2015

Improving Customer Communications

Timing is Everything: Tips for Improving Customer Communications By John McGee CEO OptifiNow The Customer today is not only informed, he or she is actively engaged with brands at multiple levels making it critical that companies manage highly engaged consumers effectively. One of the most important factors is timing of marketing and sales outreach. Stay […]

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