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Tag: "Nissa Larsen"

[ 0 ] Jun. 8, 2015


Women owned businesses are moneymakers! Women-owned businesses are booming! Meet 25 Self-Made Women and their dream startups!

[ 1 ] Apr. 7, 2014

Spotlight On Kathy Ireland

From Supermodel to Spokesperson to SuperPreneur!

[ 0 ] Jan. 24, 2014

Restaurant Czar Jessica Miller

By Nissa Larsen Jessica Miller is a culinary marketing specialist who was featured in Bravo TV’s Eat, Drink, Love which followed the lives of five women who ran in the same Los Angeles culinary world.  With broadcast journalism as her major at the University of Missouri, Miller reported on agriculture policy before she graduated in […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 16, 2014

Ten Ways You Can Be A “Top Chef”

By Nissa Larsen With shows like “Top Chef”, “Iron Chef”, and Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” chefs are becoming the new rock stars. Chef Carla Hall catapulted her way from local chef to appearing on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef”, and is now one of the hosts of ABC daytime’s “The Chew”. Here are the ten primary […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 15, 2014

Start A Home Baking Business and Be Your Own Cake Boss

By Nissa Larsen Carlo’s Bake Shop is a family owned bakery that creates wedding cakes, specialty cakes and baked goods.  The original location in Hoboken, NJ opened in 1910, and in 1964 was acquired by the Valastro family.  Since then, the Valastro family has not only maintained the excellence of its delicious desserts, but has […]

[ 4 ] Jan. 7, 2014

30 Food Businesses To Start Now

30 Delicious Ways You Can Become A Million-Dollar Food Entrepreneur!

[ 0 ] Dec. 2, 2013

Spotlight on Hilary Farr

Hilary demystifies design excellence for anyone with a décor dream.

[ 5 ] Oct. 7, 2013

Spotlight On Kathy Wakile

Kathy’s growing empire hopes to bring out the “Goddess in Every Woman”

[ 1 ] Jun. 3, 2013

Spotlight on Gretchen Rossi

Charismatic & compassionate, Gretchen’s growing empire focuses on affordable luxury.

[ 0 ] Feb. 11, 2013

Spotlight on Jill Zarin

This “Housewife” Fave Was Already a Savvy Business Mogul.

[ 0 ] Apr. 30, 2012

Passion Into Profit

Spin your way to success doing what you love just like these top DJs!

[ 0 ] Mar. 1, 2009

Growing A Business

By Nissa Larsen Nissa Larsen is a Contributing Editor. Follow Nissa on twitter @nisnice . Nissa’s hilarious website can be found at www.nisnice.com How does an apple orchard expand their sales and build new markets? For Warick Valley Winery it is all based around their love and appreciation of fruit. Purchased in 1989, the Warwick […]

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