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Tag: "how to save money"

[ 0 ] Jan. 18, 2016

Your Financial Well-Being

How To Hunt Your Way To Financial Well-Being As dazzling as a high rate of return sounds to every investor, people need to understand what they’re “hunting” with before chasing certain financial goals, says prominent speaker and financial advisor Jeff Brummett. This is key to financial well-being. “A middle-class investor is probably better aiming for […]

[ 0 ] Dec. 28, 2015

Year-End Tax Tips

Year-End Tax Tips for Businesses From The National Society of Accountants The end of the year gives you and your business a great chance to maximize tax savings for 2015 and beyond. It’s important to review year-end tax tips. Consider several general year-end tax tips strategies, such as use of traditional timing techniques for income […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 3, 2014

Ten Ways To Turn New Year’s Resolutions Into Solid Financial Habits

By David Katz As everyone knows, it’s a lot easier to make New Year’s resolutions than to stick with them. So, if you want to improve your current financial situation, you should try to develop some new saving and spending habits. That’s really the secret to taking control of your financial life. Whether you’re a […]

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