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Tag: "flip this house"

[ 0 ] Jun. 9, 2015

Armando Montelongo : From Homeless to Millionaire

From Homeless To $70 Million In Three Years  Armando Montelongo has a fascinating story. Being homeless, bunking temporarily on your parents-in-law’s garage couch is hard enough. Being homeless while finding out your wife and first child may not live due to birth complications is even harder. It’s tough to imagine that a situation like that could […]

[ 0 ] May. 31, 2013

Georgia Company Spearheads Local Neighborhood Revitalization

If you have driven around certain parts of Cartersville lately you may have seen the signs “We Buy Houses.” These signs belong to Georgia House Buyers LLC that buys and fixes older dilapidated homes in Cartersville neighborhoods. Once an eyesore for the neighborhood these homes are now being renovated by Georgia House Buyers Inc. and […]

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