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Tag: "complying with the Affordable Care Act"

[ 0 ] Jun. 10, 2013

Business Groups Seeking ACA Changes Face Partisan Obstacles

A group of retailers, restaurant chains and staffing companies known as E-Flex is asking Congress to change how the Affordable Care Act defines who qualifies as a full-time employee and to include a grace period for compliance with the law. However, efforts to change the ACA have been hindered by a polarized Congress.

[ 0 ] May. 23, 2013

IRS Prepares To Increase Scope Under Affordable Care Act

The Internal Revenue Service is preparing to expand its powers under the Affordable Care Act, as the agency is charged with dispensing health insurance subsidies, enforcing the individual mandate to purchase health insurance and administering penalties to businesses that do not offer coverage to employees. To facilitate the agency’s new responsibilities, the IRS and the […]

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