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Tag: "build your website"

[ 0 ] Jun. 12, 2015

JumpBunch Creates New Website

Often a new website design can reinvigorate your small business. Consider following  the lead of JumpBunch. JumpBunch Corporate has launched its newly designed Franchisee Web Site: www.jumpbunchfranchise.com The newly designed JumpBunch Franchisee web site was developed with ease of use in mind, making certain that all key information provided to potential franchisees was delivered in a […]

[ 0 ] Jun. 12, 2015

Fun Captcha Spambot Fighter is Fun, Fast and Cute

Angry internet users have recently stepped up their campaigns against those ugly, annoying “CAPTCHAs” with twisty letters. Riding a huge wave of attention, the creators of the spammer-blocking mini-game called FunCaptcha are now offering a free visual makeover to match the site’s look and logo. This alternative to the twisty letter puzzle stops spammers without […]

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