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International Franchise Association:
A general clearinghouse for all types of information on franchising including profiles of thousands of franchise opportunities.


According to SmallBusinessTax.org, “Although paperwork isn’t the most exciting of tasks when it comes to running a small business, it is a necessity. This is especially the case with small business tax, which must be paid to keep the business in good standing. Meeting both federal and state tax requirements is absolutely vital. It’s therefore very important to be able to understand tax paperwork, know how to prepare it and set up a regular tax routine in order to make tax time less of a hassle.”SmallBusinessTax.org

U.S. Department of Commerce:
This U.S. government website provides resources on business grants and development programs all over the world and includes information on establishing import/export ventures as well as global opportunities for small businesses.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission:
A U.S. government website that focuses on trade laws and protection maintained by the Federal Trade Commission.

U.S. Small Business Administration:
A general clearinghouse for a wide variety of information on starting and running a small business.

FYI: Business Listings In Australia