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Start Your Own Business

[ 1 ] Dec. 1, 2008

Start Your Own Business Winter 2009 On Sale Now!

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[ 0 ] Dec. 1, 2008

Daycare Dollars

Think of how many times you’ve been in your local supermarket and witnessed an unruly toddler pulling cereal boxes off the shelves or in a clothing store watching a mother frantically search for her child who’s hidden inside a rack of dresses. Your heart goes out to the parents but at the same time, you […]

[ 0 ] Dec. 1, 2008

Rapport Overhaul

Here is a question for all of you. As a customer, how many of you have had a bad customer service experience? Hmm. Looks like it’s all of you. So think about it, if all of you have had a bad experience, it means that most likely all of your customers have had one too. […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 1, 2008

Fall 2008 On Sale Now!

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[ 0 ] Oct. 1, 2008

Fun & Easy Gold Mines

Time-starved parents need help and that’s why businesses that cater to children are really booming. Take your pick: 1. DAY CARE: You might have to be licensed to set up a day care center in your home so do some checking first. You’ll probably want to be heavily insured and bonded to protect yourself from […]

[ 0 ] Oct. 1, 2008

Big Bucks In Pet-ty Cash

If you love animals, you can start a high-profit business taking care of pets or creating a product or service that pet owners need or want. Here are 25 suggestions to get you started. 1. PET FURNITURE: If you have a knack for making furniture, you can clean up by making fun furniture items for […]

[ 0 ] Jun. 1, 2008

Summer 2008 On Sale Now!

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[ 0 ] Jun. 1, 2008

Avoiding Pitfalls

Everybody makes mistakes and entrepreneurs are no exception. But for an entrepreneur with a limited budget, committing mistakes too often can be very costly. Here are 7 costly small business marketing mistakes every entrepreneur must avoid: 1. Failing To Realize Marketing Is About Value Creation To create a sustainable small business, you have to market […]

[ 0 ] Jun. 1, 2008

Slice of Success

Slow and steady wins the race…just ask Steve Jackson, president of Hungry Howie’s Pizza, one of the nation’s largest franchised pizza chains and “The Home of the Original Flavored Crust Pizza.” Jackson is refreshingly modest when talking about the pizza chain that began in a converted 1,000-square-foot former hamburger shop outside Detroit in 1973 and […]

[ 0 ] Apr. 1, 2008

Start Your Own Business Spring 2008 On Sale Now!

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[ 0 ] Apr. 1, 2008

Dreamy Fortune

One morning last fall, Michael Lezberg was handed a message marked urgent. It said, “The ship is sailing. Call immediately.” Returning the call, Lezberg, owner of a pillow factory, discovered that the ship was a major luxury cruise liner and it really was sailing the next day. “But they needed 3,000 sleep pillows, or they […]

[ 0 ] Apr. 1, 2008

Driving Passion

As much as Joe Assell loved golf, he was ready to walk away from it in order to focus on starting his own business. But almost as fast as you can say, well, fore, instead of leaving the sport behind, he simply found a way to do both. “I was looking to get out of […]

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