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Small Business Opportunities

[ 0 ] Jul. 1, 2009

Easy, Fast & Run

If you are one of the millions of hard-working Americans that have lost your job in the past few months, take heart. You can earn an income in a way you might not have considered: start your own business. Many of the manufacturing jobs have been sent to Asia and Brazil, and the service industry […]

[ 0 ] May. 1, 2009

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[ 0 ] May. 1, 2009

Land Of Opportunity

The land of opportunity seems pretty, well, barren these days. As the country reels from our stock market roller-coaster ride and our government scrambles to make a $700 billion financial sector bailout plan work, small business owners everywhere are wondering if they stand a chance of surviving (to say nothing of thriving). Michael Masterson and […]

[ 0 ] May. 1, 2009

Caring Concern

In the vast machinery of the American workplace, Patricia Maisano was a vital cog. A registered nurse by training and an expert in case management, Maisano started her own consulting firm outside Philadelphia in 1991, assisting insurance companies, major corporations and unions in disability case management. Maisano was extremely successful—but having served on various boards […]

[ 0 ] Mar. 1, 2009

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[ 0 ] Mar. 1, 2009

Tragedy to Triumph

Adapt or die is the mantra in evolution, and so it is in the evolution of the small business communities in regions hardest hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Katrina slammed the New Orleans Region on August 29, 2005, followed less than a month later by Hurricane Rita, which made landfall on September 24, 2005. […]

[ 0 ] Mar. 1, 2009

Growing A Business

By Nissa Larsen Nissa Larsen is a Contributing Editor. Follow Nissa on twitter @nisnice . Nissa’s hilarious website can be found at www.nisnice.com How does an apple orchard expand their sales and build new markets? For Warick Valley Winery it is all based around their love and appreciation of fruit. Purchased in 1989, the Warwick […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 1, 2009

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[ 1 ] Jan. 1, 2009

Inn The Money

There is instant soup and homemade soup. Both will satisfy your hunger, but in far different ways. One comes out of a box or can. The other is a result of much planning, preparation, attention to detail and caring. There’s a big difference. Kennelwood Pet Resorts’ history began in 1974, when founder Donald Danforth, Jr., […]

[ 0 ] Jan. 1, 2009

That’s Entertainment

Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas is expanding outside the state’s boundaries for the first time with an outpost in Winchester, Virginia – 75 miles west of Washington, D.C. in the Shenandoah Valley. Alamo currently has seven Texas locations: Austin (4), San Antonio, Houston and Katy. The four Austin theaters include the Alamo Village, South Lamar, Ritz […]

[ 0 ] Nov. 1, 2008

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[ 0 ] Nov. 1, 2008

All Fired Up!

The word on the street has always been as hot as the restaurants’ flaming centerpiece brick ovens. News travels fast among those in the know and those who want in. Almost since the first Brixx Wood Fired Pizza opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1998, a buzz has emanated around […]

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