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Small Business opportunities

January Issue

Get Rich In 2016

There’s never been a more exciting or interesting time to start a small business. Many Americans long for a completely new way to make money and dream of becoming their own boss. This issue presents our roundup of the top 20 businesses to start in the year 2016. The selection is based on value, ease of startup, profit potential and longevity in our marketplace. We’ve also included interviews with mega-entrepreneurs, a guide to the Internet and inside info on the very hottest biz trends. Tips from web-preneurs are also included in this start-the-year-offright issue. Make a resolution to earn big bucks now.

March Issue

Home-Based Business

Running a business from home is a wonderful way to make money and you can’t beat the commute. Starting a biz from home makes sense. It’s a no overhead launch and anyone can present a first class image even if they work from a kitchen table or spare room. The cover story will help entrepreneurs find the hottest businesses to start now. Home office design tips are offered from experts to cut through the clutter and set up shop. Tax information for the home-based biz owner is provided along with info on how to hire an attorney, accountant and other consultants as needed. Interviews with home-based entrepreneurs are included to inspire readers to take the plunge. Hundreds of resources are contained in this special home-based business issue.

May Issue

Services & E-Biz

The hottest industries in the United States today are the services industry and e-commerce. For business owners who want to work 24/7, the service industry is the one to join. It’s replacing our manufacturing and retail sector as the hottest industry to get into now. We present the very latest and greatest service business ideas with resources on how to get going. The industry shows no signs of slowing down as busy Americans have no time to take care of their homes, cars, landscaping, entertainment needs and menu concerns. The service biz owners have come to the rescue. We also take a look at the ever changing world of e-commerce and present opportunities and ways entrepreneurs can continue to cash in using the best technology has to offer combined with the ease and convenience of online money-making.

July Issue

Business Start-Ups

Attention all would-be entrepreneurs. Get set for super success with this special easy-launch feature. We’ve taken the guesswork out of starting a small business for individuals who have no prior experience in the business arena. We have researched the best enterprises to start now that offer a quick and simple start-up.There is something for everyone in this issue. Part-time and weekend opportunities are also highlighted for individuals who want to test the waters before they jump into their business on a full-time basis to live the be-your-own-boss fantasy. This issue walks the reader through all phases of finding the perfect business, and making it work on any budget. We include expertadvice on pocketing extra income.

September Issue

Mail Order 500

We are fast approaching the $1 trillion spending mark in mail order. Mail order is a multi-billion dollar empire and many of the very biggest mail order companies today started at home with a very low or no budget operation. Leon L. Bean launched his world famous L.L. Bean enterprise from home by selling waterproof boots. Mail order is an exciting business and his success proves that any entrepreneur has the potential to make a million dollars with one product and the placement of one clever advertisement. The cover feature demonstrates how to begin with less than $500 and grow the business into a potential million dollar money-maker. We offer guidelines on:finding a product, selling in a catalog, creating a catalog, selling on the web, conducting a direct mail campaign and reaching customers.

November Issue

Shoestring Start-Ups

It is still possible to start a business on a shoestring budget of $100 or less and skyrocket that investment into an explosive success. This issue contains the very best rock-bottom budget oriented businesses and demonstrates that it is still possible to join the American Dream and be one’s own boss with little startup capital and overhead. Lowcost promotion tips are highlighted along with tips from seasoned shoestring entrepreneurs who share their success formulas for making it. Entrepreneurs will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a new business start-up and prevent new biz mistakes. There’s something for every interest in this edition. It’s exciting and fun to consider entrepreneurship and this issue proves that anyone can do it.

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Start Your Own Business

Spring Issue

Mail Order

This special issue examines all facets of starting and running a mail order business. We provide information on where to find products, offer tips on how to sell to a target market, suggest guidelines on establishing a direct mail campaign, offer rocksolid tips on how to place ads, and include information on how to sell your products via a website. Mail order is a shoestring start-up enterprise that has the potential to hit millions of dollars in revenue per year. Just ask Lillian Vernon who launched her mail order empire at her kitchen table by placing one ad in a local newspaper. How-to columns, tools, techniques and technology to run the business are all included in this special cover story feature.

Summer Issue

Franchising & Business Opportunities

There are hundreds of opportunities for entrepreneurs to consider, but where do they begin? Right here with our special issue offering the very latest franchise opportunities to start now and more than 150 business opportunities that readers can purchase to immediately start their own business . Many individuals want to start a venture, but don’t want to put it all together from scratch. This issue eliminates the running around. It’s a headstart for readers who are eager to plunge in and get started. The information is packaged in a very accessible, easy to follow format with charts and visuals to make contacting the franchises and biz opps featured as easy as a phone call or mouse click.

Fall Issue

Hottest 500 Businesses To Start Now

Our fall edition has something for everyone and we have rounded up the best and the brightest businesses to get into now. There are ground floor opportunities on the latest developments in the business arena, there are features on tried and true enterprises that have endured the test of time, and there are recession-proof money-makers to consider now. The issue is also action packed with the very newest ideas and techniques in running a small business. Solid business opportunities, franchises and tips from the experts on how to start and run a successful biz are all here. We also present information on up-to-the-minute web technologies and more.

Winter Issue

Home-Based Business

The number one American Dream is to own a business and many of the dreamers want to run their enterprise from home. This special feature is dedicated to the home-based entrepreneur and addresses everything a home-based biz owner needs to know from zoning regulations and dealing with neighbors, to tax structure, establishing a corporate image and selecting the right tech gadgets for one’s particular field. We’ve researched the home business universe to find the very best tools, products, guidelines,and tips to run a small business from home and give it a Fortune 500 look. We present features on entrepreneurs who share their insights and offer recommendations to get it right from the start.

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