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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

[ 0 ] Nov. 26, 2015 | SBO Editor

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is becoming a global holiday.  Thanksgiving is essentially a harvest related festival. It celebrates communal harmony. Though it is said to have been originated in the United States, a number of other countries celebrate harvest related festivals. They are observed with different names and in different seasons.

Harvest related festivals, all the over the world are characterized with lot of fun and merrymaking. Each region has its unique customs and traditions to celebrate the occasion.

Thanksgiving Around the World

Canada celebrates thanksgiving on the second Monday in the month of October. India also has a number of harvest related festivals in different regions. Popular regional festivals are Pongal, Baisakhi, Lohri, Onam etc. Though the underlying principle behind each of them is same, every festival is exclusive and different from the other.

Other Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, Korea celebrate the festival on different dates. Each festival has a folklore attached to it. Harmony, peace, feeling gratitude is the underlying theme of the celebration all over.

Use this weekend to celebrate the good in your life and reflect on how you can make yourself more enriched. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think about the past, the present and your future. If you strive to have your own business, consider what type of business could be right for you and how you could make it happen. Check out the helpful resources on our site to generate ideas and find organizations that can help jumpstart your dream venture. Wishing all our readers and web visitors and healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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