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Visionect Offers Digital Signage

[ 0 ] Aug. 12, 2014 | SBO Editor

Visionect_museum_1Visionect designed an application that lets museums use e-paper tablets as live, interactive information plaques. Using Visionect’s V-Platform and V-Tablets, developers can create any application they can imagine.

Digital signage in physical museums is just one possibility with Visionect’s e-paper-evolving V-Platform and V-Tablets.

Visionect In Museums and More

Museums can exit the stone age and enter the modern era with Visionect’s V-Platform and V-Tablets. Using these tools Visionect already transformed one museum into an interactive learning environment, and anyone with basic web coding skills can use them to create anything they can imagine.

Rather than the standard, static information plaques used in most museums to accompany exhibits, Visionect implemented its web-connected V-Tablets as interactive wall-mounted digital displays. Not only do they make the experience more fun and engaging for museum goers, but they also provide museum operators with detailed and real-time analytic feedback on visitors’ activity.

The V-Tablet’s long battery life, high screen visibility and excellent durability makes it perfect for such a heavy-use scenario, and the V-Platform lets developers program apps for these devices as they would any web apps, using common coding languages. Apps are sent to the V-tablets over wi-fi, and developers have full, live control over each individual user’s experience.

Additional Applications For Visionect

But it’s not just museums that can benefit from this e-paper revolution. The same properties that make the V-Tablet and V-Platform perfect for digital signage also make it ideal for applications ranging from tabletop ordering and production line optimization to booking systems with calendar integration and even digital door lock keypads.

For more info on digital signage and other use cases visit Visionect.com/blog.

About the V-Tablet: Visionect’s connected e-readers are thin clients that hold no data natively. They come in multiple sizes and are rugged enough to go anywhere with users, including underwater. Visionect is so confident in its tech that these devices feature no physical buttons — not even an on/off switch. There’s nothing in between users and their e-paper apps.


About the V-Platform: The V-Platform lets developers build, manage and maintain e-paper apps as easily as they would any web apps, using common, cross-platform languages like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. These apps are pushed seamlessly from a local server or from the cloud to Visionect’s V-Tablets, and developers can manage their apps and analytics remotely through Visionect’s server software. This software also lets developers monitor their customers in real time, including live views of all connected devices.


Development packages start at $329 and include professional support and flexible custom solutions. Customers can head to http://www.visionect.com to get started.



–       Luka Birsa, Chief Technology Officer, Visionect is available for a phone, email or Skype conversation.

–       Rok Zalar, Chief Product Officer, Visionect is available for phone, email or Skype.


Photos: High-resolution photos of Visionect’s e-ink tablets are available on request.


About Visionect

Visionect was established in 2007 as a company devoted to developing new products based on electronic paper technology. Initially a third-party developer of business and consumer electronic paper solutions, they have since worked on numerous development projects across many different industries. Their experience and know-how from past electronic paper development projects lead Visionect to develop V-Platform: a state-of-the-art tool for rapid electronic paper product development.


Visionect is backed by partnerships with leading industry players such as E Ink, EPSON, Plastic Logic, STMicroelectronics and others. Many of the electronic paper solutions designed and developed by Visionect have been recognized and awarded for excellence by various international institutions.


They are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For more information, visit: www.visionect.com


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