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Steamlining Social Media Efforts

[ 0 ] Aug. 4, 2014 | SBO Editor

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By Kelly Meeneghan Peters

Manager, 1&1 Internet, Inc.


Communication is key when interacting with your customers. Today many businesses have adapted to the new generation of online interaction through social media by creating Facebook and Twitter accounts specifically to reach their target audience. However, many small businesses fail to see the benefits of investing in a social media strategy. While interacting with your audience is the primary motive for adopting a social media plan, there are many other great benefits that come with successful social media communication.

Social Media & Your Biz

As a main resource for online solutions, Web hosts have begun to introduce new social media solutions for businesses. 1&1 Internet has pioneered this movement creating its 1&1 Social Media Center designed specifically for their MyWebsite customers.

Allowing users to create a professional website within minutes, 1&1 MyWebsite offers industry specific text and images for almost any business. The user friendly drag-and-drop functionality and editor tool makes customization easy and similar to working within a Microsoft Word document. After perfecting this product for the small- and medium-sized business market, 1&1 took it one step further. The company’s Social Media Center allows users to develop and execute a professional social media strategy without outsourcing a specialist which can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

The Social Media Center consists of two elements: the Social Page Manager and Social Share. With the Social Page Manager, SMBs can synchronize their MyWebsite content with their Facebook account. The tool collects website elements like logos, images, text and contact details then generates a Facebook page tailored to the business. Additionally, specific site pages can be captured to create unique Facebook tabs to illustrate further customization. When edits are made to the site, it is automatically updated on the Facebook page as well. For example, if a restaurant wishes to feature new specials each day, they will only need to post the news on the website for it to be visible on both the site and social media platform. This limits inconveniences of multiple logins, reduces the likelihood of inconsistent information and saves valuable time.

Another great benefit of the Social Media Center is the Social Share feature which allows users to schedule Facebook posts and Tweets at times that are convenient for them.  Running a business can be very time consuming, thus opportunities to execute an effective social media strategy are limited. Addressing this issue, 1&1’s Social Share offers users the freedom to post to Facebook and/or Twitter when they are busy with other business operations, in meetings, on vacation, or even traveling. For example, if you recognize that the social engagement on your Facebook or Twitter account peeks at 2:00 pm Monday-Friday – a time that you are often in meetings – you can schedule posts to still be sent out. This leverages the time slot and popular resource to interact with the public while still focusing on accomplishing other necessary work functions.

The Social Media Center has successfully created a solution for business owners looking to interact with their audience through one of the most powerful online communication outlets – social media. Giving often inexperienced social media users a resource to develop and execute a successful social media strategy, the Social Media Center makes it simple to connect with the public when it is convenient for them.

About the Author

As a manager for 1&1 Internet, Inc., Kelly Meeneghan Peters is an industry specialist providing expert advice on how SMBs can grow their business online through websites and online marketing methods. For more information visit www.1and1.com or blog.1and1.com

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