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Honeysuckle Road Has Website As Showcase

[ 0 ] Aug. 25, 2014 | SBO Editor

Honeysuckle Road

CASE STUDY: Honeysuckle Road – Arlene Stern


The Customer

Arlene Stern is the lead singer for Honeysuckle Road, a Americana, Celtic, & Alt-Country Music band from the Chicago, IL metro area.

The Challenge

After taking a break from the music scene, Honeysuckle Road was faced with needing a website in order to get bookings and gain popularity.

The Solution

1&1 MyWebsite provided Honeysuckle Road with easy to use tools to create and manage their own website. Taking advantage of social media and 1&1’s Web apps have resulted in increased event bookings and audience recognition.

“Pardon my language, but we thought we were screwed!”

Arlene Stern, lead singer of Americana, Celtic, & Alt-Country Music band Honeysuckle Road, and 1&1 customer, faced a unique problem when making her way back into the music business, the necessity of a band website. With the help of 1&1 MyWebsite’s flexibility and valuable features, Honeysuckle Road has been launched into today’s music scene with increased popularity and business than ever before.

Honeysuckle Road Gets Gigs and Gains Popularity

“Even though my husband has been a working musician for many years, he never had the management responsibility and I had been away from the business for a few decades.  This meant that the band was faced with a brave new world – the Internet!” said Stern of the Honeysuckle Road website.

First formed in the summer of 2011, Honeysuckle Road was excited and ready to share their style of music with the masses. After working tirelessly on original songs, Honeysuckle Road was disappointed to find just how much the music industry had changed.

“We had tried the “old school” method of visiting venues to drop off our CD’s trying to book gigs, but the venues wouldn’t accept them. We were flat out told that we would not be booked without a website,” Stern continued. “We were faced with a situation common to many bands – limited computer skills, limited design knowledge, and even less money” said Stern.

The Chicago-metro area Honeysuckle Road band did not have the resources to pay an external company to design and maintain a website, some costing upwards of $500. Seriously considering their options, the band began to contemplate what instruments they could sell in order to afford a professional website.

“We were trying to figure out how we could do this when I saw 1&1’s ad on TV, so we gave it a go.  We could not be happier with the result!” exclaimed Stern.

“1&1’s design software is so easy and the customer service people are so helpful. We were up and running in less than a week and able to book our first gig two weeks later!” said Stern.

The band enjoys the positive impact that having a website has had on their career, including increased bookings, fans and followers.

“No one in our area will book a band without a website.  We were told that bands that have no website did not know how to promote their music and therefore would not be able to generate a draw for the venues. So, in a way, all of our bookings are because of the website!”

“In addition, many venues in our area do not publish information about bands they have booked on the venue’s website; they just publish a band name linking to the band’s website.  In this case, our website is the only way venue patrons can find out anything about who’s playing that night – it’s a great way to meet and interact with new fans” said Stern.

Another foreign concept for Honeysuckle Road was the necessity of social media. Forced to learn about Facebook and Twitter very quickly, Stern was thrilled to see how helpful and easy it was to connect to their website through 1&1’s Web apps.

“The Facebook & Twitter Web apps are great; it’s easy for people to just look at our website and hit “Like” or “Follow” right there, without having to go searching on Facebook or Twitter (which can be confusing for some people).  Having everything in one place just makes it so easy,” said Stern.

A self-proclaimed computer beginner, Stern says the ease and support that 1&1 MyWebsite provides Honeysuckle Road’s site is unmatched. “My husband is still convinced that I somehow acquired computer programming skills overnight to create the website.  I can’t convince him of how easy 1&1 makes creating and maintaining a website; it has completely changed my perception – and we don’t have to sell anything to afford the monthly fee!”

Despite the ease, support and cost effectiveness, Stern’s favorite aspect of her 1&1 MyWebsite package is the flexibility.

“Unlike many fellow musicians, we are able to update any information immediately on our website. Friends who rely on outside services to maintain their information can’t and it often takes them up to a week to even update their schedules. We can book a gig and have it be on the website five minutes later. We want to change the style of the site, no problem – changes in lineup or bios, easy.”

The flexibility and options available make 1&1 a great partner for a band like ours. We couldn’t do it without them!” said Stern.

A sometimes scary and intimidating industry, the music business is ever changing and evolving. But with the help of 1&1, Honeysuckle Road is prepared to face the challenges and continue to expand their audience to new fans and ventures through their online website.

“Music is a fast paced industry, and we can turn on a dime thanks to 1&1!”

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