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Get Your Own TV App With ILOOK

[ 0 ] Aug. 27, 2014 | SBO Editor


Thanks to ILOOK you can instantly turn a YouTube channel into your own mobile TV app!

With over 100 million internet users watching digital videos daily and only 24 percent of national brands tapping into the medium, it’s still up for grabs in the business world, especially for owners of small businesses. ILOOK (www.ilook.TV) is offering a free and simple solution for small businesses to own and operate a TV Network for their branded content and social videos. By converting their YouTube channels into fully developed TV Apps, organizations will be put on a similar playing field with major international conglomerates. The platform allows for a branded experience on mobile, via tablets, Chromecast and AppleTV creating audiences on the big screen or small, without TV’s traditional barrier to entry or high Ad costs.

Here’s how it works:

ILOOK is an OTT television provider. OTT stands for “over the top”, which means over the Internet. The advantage that ILOOK OTT has over cable, satellite and telecom television providers is that it can host an unlimited number of TV networks. This means that anyone can build and operate a monetized TV network on ILOOK OTT.

How to Build a TV Network on ILOOK OTT

The easiest way to build a TV network on ILOOK OTT, is to follow these four steps:

  1. Log into your ILOOK account;
  2. Click on the Create New TVapp button;
  3. Link a YouTube channel to your TVapp;
  4. Click the Publish button.

This automatically generates your own mobile TVapp that behaves like a TV network. Your TVapp, containing all your video, is automatically submitted to mobile app stores where it becomes available for download by TV viewers. You do NOT need an iOS/Android developer account. Note: To maintain quality, app stores reserve the right to reject apps that do not contain adequate video content and/or are not adequately described.

After Your TVapp is Published

• Synchronization: When you add a video to a linked YouTube channel, it automatically shows up in your TVapp.

• Uploading: Videos can be uploaded by linking one or more YouTube channels directly to your ILOOK account (rather than to a TVapp). Uploaded videos are available for syndication, reverse-syndication and monetization.

• Syndication: You can export videos from your ILOOK account into other people’s TVapps. You do not  need to own a TVapp.

• Reverse-syndication: You can import videos from ILOOK into your TVapp.

• Monetization: ILOOK supports three monetization methods: pay-per-view (PPV), subscriptions, and TV commercials. Monetization revenue collected by ILOOK is automatically forwarded to TVapp owners and their syndicators. ILOOK does not keep any part of a TVapp’s PPV, subscription and e-commerce revenue. ILOOK charges TV commercial advertisers a 10% fee.

Who Uses ILOOK

ILOOK supports four user types:

• YouTube channel owners create monetized TV networks by turning their YouTube channels into TVapps.

• Content owners easily syndicate their video into any TVapp and automatically participate in monetization revenue.

• Advertisers can designate any video as a TV commercial to be automatically inserted across all TVapps.

• TV viewers use TVapps as program guides to easily discover vi


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