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Tips to Beat Summer Heat

[ 0 ] Jul. 15, 2014 | SBO Editor

Summer heat

Summer heat can be a big drawback to your work if you are a small business owner. Especially if you run a landscaping service, a construction or contracting business, a road paving company, a food truck or any other small business that is exposed to the summer heat.

Summertime brings with it the benefits of vacationing and exercising outdoors, but this time of year is not without risk for those working in the summer heat. Physical labor in extreme heat can endanger the health of employees, and employers need to respond with a heat stress prevention plan. To assist in implementing such a plan to beat the summer heat, Staples offers several key elements to consider as you work outdoors and must combat the summer heat.

Beat The Summer Heat

Staples (www.staples.com) offers the following tips to beat the summer heat:

  • Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, it’s not the sun that causes heat stroke, it’s heat and loss of liquids in the body.
  • Water is not enough if you’re working in a hot environment – you need to replenish your electrolytes to beat the summer heat. Sports drinks are made for athletes, while people on the workforce lose sodium differently from how an athlete would. Make sure you’re offering the right types of beverages to replenish electrolytes and potassium.
  • Offer cooling snacks such as electrolyte-filled popsicles and other products that can help cool your workers down besides beverages, including cooling bandanas and vests.
  • Be cognizant of outdoor workers and their needs – keep them seeing the best they can with sunglasses that attach to the back of their hard hats, which will keep their eyes safer during the job.
  • Emphasize the necessity of self-protecting in the heat, and make products readily accessible to encourage use.
  • Have posters around the workplace indicating the daily heat index and how much liquid workers will need to consume as a result.



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