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There’s No Excuse For Not Getting Online

[ 0 ] Jul. 7, 2014 | SBO Editor

getting online

Why are you delaying setting up a website and getting online? A marketing pro debunks the various excuses for not venturing online.

By Kelly Meeneghan, Manager 1&1 Internet, Inc.


Within the past decade, advances in technology continue to exceed the expectations of today’s entrepreneurs. The ability to arrange travel, network across multiple industries and communicate with colleagues around the globe with a simple click solidifies the role the Internet will always play within the business world. Therefore, it is surprising to see that although 97% of consumers go online to search for local services, 52% of small and medium business owners still do not have a website. While business owners can blame a wide range of factors for not making the leap online, the hosting industry has recently introduced solutions to put an end to the excuses.

“I don’t have the technical knowledge to manage a site on my own”

For the business owners that are lacking a technical expertise, Web hosts have started to introduce a completely managed website design solution. As one of the first responders to this demand, 1&1 Internet launched its 1&1 MyWebsite Maintained by Experts package.

MyWebsite Helps You Get Online

With this option, experienced design experts create a unique, customized and professional website for your business on an ongoing basis. Offering 24/7 support, users will not have to worry about making daily updates, dealing with outages or overall maintenance. A managed solution frees SMBs of the need for an extensive technical background but also gives them peace of mind that expert support is just a phone call away. No technical knowledge required and the confidence that their website is running error-free allows business owners to focuses purely on the important aspects of their daily business needs.

Furthermore, since the site is designed within the 1&1 MyWebsite platform, owners still possess full control and can make changes easily at any time.

 “No budget”

A completely managed solution is a need within the business market that SMBs have long been waiting for, but at what cost? On average, if a professional Web designer or agency is hired to create a customized website it can be expected to take upwards of 15 hours. This results in anywhere from $400-$1,400. These are big portions of a start-ups already fragile budget.

1&1’s MyWebsite Maintained by Experts provides SMBs with great exposure throughout the World Wide Web at a small investment. Starting at $49.99/month (with a one-time $49.99 set-up fee), users can leverage professional design and maintenance at an affordable cost. Those wishing to further their online visibility and presence can choose from two higher packages depending on the level of support and online marketing they wish to execute.

Taking online exposure a step further, social media is an excellent cost effective solution. Creating a presence on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ offer businesses unlimited space to communicate and engage with their audience. Experian Marketing Services found that consumers spend 16 minutes out of every hour online on social networking and forums. This is a great opportunity for business to cash in on consumers attention without the need for a financial commitment. Completely free and user friendly, social media is key to attracting new and current customers to your business.

Not wanting SMBs to miss out on the many advantages an online presence can bring to a business, 1&1 has created solutions to make getting online easier than ever. Answering excuses with a cost effective and professional solution, now business owners from any industry or technical background can find success online.

For more information about 1&1 or 1&1 MyWebsite Maintained by Experts, visit www.1and1.com.

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