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Surviving The Apple App Store

[ 0 ] Jul. 22, 2014 | SBO Editor

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Are you an app developer? Have you had a tough time navigating the Apple App Store? Are you doing all you can to make sure your products are well represented in the app store? Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts from Audiobooks.com on Surviving the Apple App Store as a small business.

Do’s for the app store:

1.) Make sure you have a proper app description and keywords listed in the app store. This helps potential users find the app in the app store and search engines. Think about what keywords will be most impactful and successful with your customer base.
2.) When running Google AdWords, add site links and make sure one of the links goes directly to the app.
3.) Have great app screen shots for the app store.  Make them fun and compelling; help potential users visualize using the app on a daily-basis.
4.) Update the app regularly, keep it fresh! This results in updates and extra downloads. The Apple App stores does not like stale apps. Be sure to add bare minimum permissions for your app store products.
5.) Place the app in multiple spaces, get it on the internet. Don’t just place the app in stores; place it in app directories, blogs and online news websites.
6.) Make sure there is a clear and direct path to the app store. Quick access routes for people to get your app are crucial. Don’t make potential users go through multiple clicks to get access. Make it simple for buyers to find you in the app store.

Don’ts for the app store:

7.) Stay away from pay per download/pay per review initiatives. The app store does not like these tactics and often will punish apps that pursue them.
8.) Don’t rush a release. Simple as that.
9.) Don’t incentivize or lock the functionality of the app until a user performs an action.
10.) Respond to users’ negative reviews. Stay connected to the user base and work to improve the app.


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