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Popular WordPress Driving Online Solutions

[ 0 ] Jul. 21, 2014 | SBO Editor


WordPress popularity is now driving online solutions.

By Kelly Meeneghan, Manager

1&1 Internet, Inc. (www.1and1.com)

According to comScore, Americans are spending twice as much time using digital media than they did three years ago yet a significant amount of SMBs have still ignore this progression. However, Web hosts have found ways to make getting online as painless and stress free as possible for all business owners. Taking advantage of popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, hosting providers are offering consumers user friendly solutions for creating a unique and professional online presence.

As an application used to publish, edit and modify website content, WordPress holds most market share among other CMS with 21.8% of all websites. The straightforward platform allows users with experience ranging from new adopter to professional create and manage their own piece of the Internet landscape. Serving as the backbone for more than 74 million websites worldwide it is hard to believe that the CMS was created only 11 years ago.

The Success of WordPress

A main factor for a business website’s success is the user’s ability to create a unique and attractive online presence. The functionality and ability to customize with WordPress plug-ins and themes allow users to cater their website to their specific audience. Users have the option to choose different layouts, custom color schemes as well as valuable third party applications to take their online presence to the next level and stand out against competitors. Operating within WordPress gives business owners the ability to turn basic websites into interactive channels to best communicate with their target customer base.

Web hosts have taken notice of this preferred option and are starting to develop WordPress specific hosting. 1&1 Internet (www.1and1.com) is one of these Web hosts with new packages to streamline the process of initiating, setting up and populating a WordPress project. Once installed, a WordPress project can be configured in three simple steps:

  1. Select a website category (such as website, blog, gallery etc.)
  2. Choose a theme (suggestions are displayed based on the category chosen in Step 1)
  3. Incorporate plugins (recommendations are available to enhance security and functionality)

These three easy steps allow customers to launch an optimal Web presence quickly and efficiently with WordPress and 1&1 seamlessly working together.

WordPress is a clear preference for business owners and individuals wanting to get online.  Companies, such as 1&1 Internet, are supporting the WordPress community by shaping offers and promotions around the content management system, helping business owners maintain a professional and profitable online presence.

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