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Five Secrets to Marketing Success

[ 0 ] Jul. 8, 2014 | SBO Editor

marketing success

Marketing success is a key to your survival as a business owners. You can develop marketing success for you small business by following five steps. For small and medium sized businesses, one of the most effective ways to gain new clients and bring in more sales is by using creative marketing techniques.

Unique and innovative ideas can help take your business to the next level of marketing success and make it stand out from the competition. Giving great value and offering incentives will build a good reputation that can help attract and retain clients. But there’s more.

Marketing Success

Mohammed Hajjar, President and Founding Partner of Pronited, Inc. – a Chicago based firm that provides a platform for small and medium-size businesses in various sectors to leverage connections and capabilities of other member businesses in order to compete effectively with large businesses worldwide – shares five simple but effective marketing strategies that will take you to the realm of marketing success:

1.    Know Your USP

A unique selling proposition, or USP, is more than just saying what you offer. It tells your target market what sets you apart from the competition. It should be more than saying that you’re better, but rather how you are unique or substantially different and why. A USP should tell why your target audience should “buy” from you — what benefits will they get? This is a key to your marketing success.

Take the time to determine or create what it is that sets your company apart from the rest and make sure you market that. If your company has a unique way of handling customer service or client referrals, turn this into your USP and include it on the home page of your website, in your company Facebook profile, Twitter description, etc.

Some examples of USPs that work:

  • TOMS, the highly successful shoe company, donates a pair of shoes to the needy, for each pair purchased.
  • Buc’ees Gas Stations in Texas wanted to truly stand out, so they thought of the number one complaint at gas stations…dirty bathrooms. They created their whole marketing campaign around having the cleanest bathrooms by hiring a full-time bathroom attendant.

2.    Define your target audiences

This may sound basic, but some businesses do not take the time to really understand their market. This marketing success key is to be as specific as possible for each target group by reading what they read, subscribing to what they subscribe to, and utilizing surveys to gather info directly from the source.

Defining your company’s target audiences is a crucial step before you can create any type of marketing success message, product packaging, service packages, etc. Developing a niche market first may be more beneficial to your business; get very specific and focus on this one market and establish relationships with all of the top influencers in that niche.

3.    Provide valuable content

To ensure marketing success, create eBooks, white papers, guides, blogs, email newsletters, videos, training courses, webinars and more to become a go-to resource…if the content is valuable! Avoid being too “salesy” by always talking about your products/services. Instead, offer real tips and advice about your industry that many people will find useful. You want people to say, “I cannot believe they are giving away this information for free!” That is when you know you have provided value. This is called “freemium” content in the marketing success world. 

Create a sales funnel offering three pieces of freemium content and then build up to asking for money. For an excellent example of this AND to learn just how to do it, watch Jeff Walker’s freemium video series: http://productlaunchformula.com/blueprint.html

4.    Utilize social media

Social media marketing is a powerful way to marketing success.   We all know by now that any company not utilizing social media is missing out on business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are all free social media networks that businesses can sign up for and create a profile to interact with clients and fans. Use these tools to create marketing success for your small business.

Social Examiner is an excellent blog to subscribe to and they give 26 tips on how to create a social media strategy here:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-tips-to-create-a-strong-social-media-content-strategy/

If you are not comfortable writing and don’t have someone in your organization who is, consider hiring a firm or a freelancer to help with this process. Your social media presence has to be good in order to be effective.

5.    Join a global tribe

Many small businesses find themselves competing with big name brands, but can’t get access to the same resources available to larger companies. It used to be called networking, but technology has enabled the concept to advance exponentially. An established global alliance of professional services firms like Pronited gives you access to worldwide resources and exclusive tools. Your business also gains the credibility of membership with a prestigious global organization.

Joining a “tribe” can bear out the old saying that there’s strength in numbers, especially if you’re a small guy trying to compete against a giant. You can do it, but you stand a better chance when you have the clout and collaboration of others, whether next door or across the ocean.

For more information on Pronited and to become part of the global tribe, visit www.pronited.com .

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