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Building Business Tips From Belly

[ 1 ] Jul. 17, 2014 | SBO Editor
Belly tips on customer loyalty
Belly marketing pro has tips to help you succeed.
Everyone knows that 80 percent of a business’ revenue come from 20 percent of customers. While it’s pivotal to keep customers coming back, the problem is that most small business owners don’t have the time, or know the strategy, to do this effectively.
To retain their customers, businesses not only need to reward their customers for loyalty but also use them to properly market. Customer-driven marketing is the most effective tool that businesses have at their disposal. Your best customers can become your brand advocates.
Sarah Reilly, VP of Merchant Success at Belly, specializes in customer retention and success efforts for Belly’s businesses. She provides the following tips businesses need to be properly reward and market their customers.

Small Business Tips from VP of Merchant Success at Belly:

Get Mobile – Leverage technology partners who have scale, reach, responsive design and local search benefits to get your business found. Belly allows small businesses to get discovered through an intelligent map that pins all Belly Merchants nearby!

Get Social – Showcase your personality and utilize social profiles including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Define your unique tactics for each channel and post real-time behind-the-scenes photos to engage with your audience, in addition to informing customers of upcoming promotions! It’s important to utilize these channels at least once a day. Social media will help to increase brand awareness for your business and create affinity with followers.

Boost Social – Spending small budgets to increase local reach on Twitter and Facebook can help you expand your customer network and lead to new paying visitors. I recommend testing different budgets and creative, in addition to defining your target audience by selecting the location and age group that your business desires to reach.

Focus on Loyalty – Your behind the counter charisma and service is a great start, but with many competing businesses it’s hard to stay top of mind with casual customers. Focusing on loyalty can help you increase profits up to 6-7x. Implement a loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors and encourages them to stay true. Customers are likely to spend more with each visit, and with each positive experience may spread the word about your business!

Create Your Email Marketing Plan – Email marketing is one of the most powerful methods for growing sales and maintaining relationships with customers. Ditch old methods of capturing email addresses offline, and encourage users to sign up for Belly so you can close the loop and drive conversions both on and offline with communication tools at your fingertips.

Cross-Promote – Draft a list of local businesses who may have complimentary products or services.  Network with the desired partners and kick off a promotion that offers customers rewards, and discounts for visiting each location. Make counter space and even add customized rewards to the Belly app! This is a great way to get new referrals and new loyal customers.


For more info, visit www.getbelly.com



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