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World Trade Centers Go Virtual

[ 0 ] Jun. 25, 2014 | SBO Editor

World Trade Centers

World Trade Centers are going virtual with gloabl business education and corporate introductions.

Collaborative of World Trade Centers invites the world to participate in online global business education, knowledge-share, and corporate introduction events that stream simultaneously in 60 languages.

A new online series for global education, knowledge-share, and corporate introductions is announced by a collaborating group of World Trade Centers, a subset of the New York-based World Trade Centers Association with over 300 WTCs in 90+ countries around the globe.  Open invitations are issued to companies and entrepreneurs in any country to participate and benefit from the online knowledge-share about growing global businesses, and also share in the opportunities for corporate meet-ups and introductions.

World Trade Centers

For the first time in history, the events will be streamed simultaneously in 60 languages using voice translation software provided by Translate Your World, whose president is on the board of directors of the World Trade Center in Atlanta.  This extraordinary linguistic effort gives businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide unprecedented access to global information, potential partnerships, and international contacts regardless of language, including the opportunity to request introductions to specific speakers or participants.

A highlight of the summer is entitled “Practical Lessons for Businesses Entering the Global Marketplace”.  Designed for busy executives and staffs of growing companies, this 6-hour series will expose participants to fundamental principals, experiences to be expected, and questions to be considered when looking at either selling a product or sourcing a component from new foreign markets.

The series is presented by executives who have helped companies establish supply chains, joint ventures, sales and management operations in India, China, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America:   Anthony V. Russo, former General Manager of Trade Development for the World Trade Center Association and now president of TradeHub International (USA and Mexico); as well as Christian Bartley, CEO of World Trade Center Wisconsin, principal at Faleiro, an international consultancy specializing in global strategy and marketing.

Also on the early docket are shorter online events:

•    Cross-Cultural Negotiations: providing creative strategies to develop win-win solutions for organizations in different regions of the world; and

•    New Technologies that Cross Language Barriers:  an introduction to cutting-edge language automation:  “smart” automatic text translation, talking across languages with real-time speech translation, simultaneous interpretation via Web, multi-language mobile marketing, global press release distribution, analytics of social media big data, and techniques for across-language customer service.

The World Trade Centers Association is widely acknowledged as the leader in stimulation of international business, providing networking, introductions and education on a global basis.  This collaborative offering by a group of World Trade Center offices is truly geared for the global marketplace. Offered simultaneously in 60 languages, this marks a turning point in the history of online global business education, and is, at the same time, a revolution in online communication.  The world is invited to attend, experience, and learn from this celebrated global business organization.

For more information on World Trade Centers or to register go http://wtcw.co or click here.


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