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TechTagger Helps Find Gadgets

[ 0 ] Jun. 18, 2014 | SBO Editor
MyAssetTag.com introduces TechTagger, a low- tech solution for retrieving missing high-tech gadgets. TechTagger helps owners reclaim their lost or stolen devices through the use of asset tags, a small sticker with a unique barcode. When phones and laptops cannot be found through apps or GPS, TechTagger can come to the rescue.Enrolling is a cinch: customers apply an asset tag to their device and register the tag online. When a Good Samaritan stumbles upon a lost gadget, the TechTagger tag directs them to myassettag.com/lost-and-found. The website prompts the individual to type in the TechTagger code and sends an email to the owner. The two parties can then communicate through a messaging system similar to Craigslist and decide on a safe, convenient way to return the gadget.


The silver techtagger complements most Apple and Android products. The tags are made of heavy duty anodized aluminum, which is resistant to heat, abrasion, and chemicals.

“We had some reservations about launching a low-tech product that relied entirely on the honor code,” said Blair Brewster, CEO of MyAssetTag.com. “I believe New Yorkers are cut from honest cloth. I’m excited to hear the success stories surrounding TechTagger.”

MyAssetTag.com currently operates BikeGuard, a free national bike registry. BikeGuard’s model and registration process inspired the creation of TechTagger. Both registration systems rely on the use of a small asset tag and an honest person to make retrieval successful. BikeGuard launches a private community system for all residents of Roosevelt Island in May.

“When electronic products’ batteries die, retrieval apps are often rendered useless,” said Katelyn Gray, Nonprofit Manager at MyAssetTag.com. “We’re happy to offer a solution that works even after the lost gadget’s charge runs out.”

For more information, please visit: www.myassettag.com/lost-and-found.

About MyAssetTag

MyAssetTag is a child company of the Brooklyn-based company SmartSign, one of America’s fastest growing e-commerce companies. It creates asset labels and tags for inventory and security, making audits and tracking easy. All tags are made from durable, high-quality materials. For more product information, visit: www.myassettag.com/

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