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Do You Suffer From Gadget Hoarding ?

[ 0 ] Jun. 5, 2014 | SBO Editor

gadget hoardingAccording to a recent business survey by used electronics marketplace uSell.com, 68 percent of U.S. residents suffer from ‘compulsive gadget hoarding.’

To calculate the percentage of gadget hoarders in the U.S. business community, uSell.com asked 1,000 Americans — including many business executives, sales people, and entrepreneurs — how long they keep devices they no longer use.

Gadget Hoarding

Read these statistics from uSell.com and see if you suffer from gadget hoarding by how you fit in with these groups of those suffering from gadget hoarding:

*  68% have kept an old gadget for 2+ years (gadget hoarding) without using the device.

*  70% currently have multiple old gadgets that they haven’t used within the past 3 months.

*  Only 25% of Americans admit to having a “gadget hoarding” problem.

Additional findings show that from a sales conference to the boardroom, business people form impressions of colleagues based on their gadgets:

* 60 percent of females (but only 50 percent of males) will judge a person during a business meeting based on their phone model and condition.

*  55 percent of respondents say that if a business meeting participant pulls out a damaged or old cell phone, this negatively affects their impression of him or her.

* Over 80 percent of people say they judge a person to be “frugal,” “not tech savvy,” or “old” if they carry an older phone model.

About uSell.com

According to the company, “We make it easy for you to sell your used gadgets by bringing you top offers from hundreds of professional buyers, so you don’t waste time shopping around. Our buyers are screened by us and reviewed by users like you.

Unlike other services, there are no selling fees, shipping costs or haggling at uSell. As long as you send in the correct device in the condition that you quoted, the price you see on uSell is what you’ll get paid. We require our buyers to initiate payment within 5 business days of receiving your device.”

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