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New Domain Names Help Fast Twitch

[ 0 ] Jun. 23, 2014 | SBO Editor

Fast Twitch

The Fast Twitch Case Study

The Customer

James Meder is the founder of Fast Twitch, an elite athletic training company based in Miami, Florida.

The Challenge

As a small business owner, Meder needed a custom domain that communicated his business’ services at an affordable price.

The Solution

.training is a new generic top-level domain currently available for registration through 1 &1 Internet, Inc. Registering this new TLD allows Meder  to have a new domain that effectively communicates the Fast Twitch brand at a reasonable price in a way that older gTLDs could not.

Fast Twitch and 1&1 Internet

As a leading athletic training company based in Miami FL, Fast Twitch has grown leaps and bounds since they opened their doors nearly four years ago.

Focusing on all aspects of an athlete’s training, James Meder founded the elite performance center to fulfill a vision of how things should and could be implemented.

“Fueling our growth, we have formed partnerships with national brands, including Under Armour and Muscle Milk, as well as top local teams and organizations.

The process started out in a small studio, then a 3,500 square foot warehouse expansion to the largest comprehensive facility in Miami (15,000 sq. feet), and now we are excited to be opening our second facility next month,” said Meder.

Being rooted in the talent-rich Miami area enables Fast Twitch to directly impact the most competitive and promising athletes in their current and future careers. Fast Twitch makes it a point to be at the forefront of any new and emerging trends, both inside and outside the gym. For the business side, Meder knew that having an online presence was key.

However, in order to properly leverage Fast Twitch’s extensive marketing campaign, a custom and unique domain name was essential.

The new training top-level domain was the ideal solution for Fast Twitch to stay ahead of the curve within the professional training industry as well as easily communicate to online visitors what their business is all about.

“We use our website as an information/marketing source that we direct potential consumers to. We have a diverse marketing plan that involves activation and interaction with our target market. Having a website that is recognizable and easy to recall is essential in order to capitalize off our marketing efforts” says Meder.

Struggling in the past to register a specific Fast Twitch domain name, Meder was becoming frustrated with the current options within the domain namespace.

 The Perfect Domain Name

“FastTwitch.com was owned by a domain broker who placed a value on the site higher than we did, therefore we have had to go through a variety of domains. We started with FT-PT.com, which was easy to read and recall, but telling people the hyphen became a slight annoyance.

“Along with that we purchased fasttwitchperformancetraining.com and a couple variations before eventually launching a new campaign around AreYouFastTwitch.com  and the tag Are You Fast Twitch,” says Meder.

After learning of the new domain options through 1&1, Meder saw an amazing opportunity to expand his online presence as well as solve any confusion with Fast Twitch’s current domain.

“AreYouFastTwitch.com has served its purpose but is becoming slightly frustrating due to texting talk (R U) and we jumped on the release of the .training new domain.  Having FastTwitch.Training  provides us with a unique site that quickly tells consumers what we do. We have some creative strategies based around this that we feel should be very successful for continuing to build the brand of Fast Twitch,” says Meder.

Gaining an advantage over competitors is a great benefit to registering the new domain, always staying one-step ahead within the training industry.

“This customized domain allows us to continue to be the innovator in our field. We have followed our own unique vision to reach this point in our business and are very excited about the opportunities that it has created. We will continue to follow this path and feel very strongly about how this will continue to allow Fast Twitch to separate from its competitors,” says Meder.

The launch of nearly 700 new top level domains allows small and medium sizes businesses to register a domain that is specific and unique to their business, without the threat of high cost or unavailability. Meder sees this as an opportunity that all business owners should pay attention to.

“I see the new domains as the integral piece in a creative marketing strategy. New or existing businesses can utilize these unique domains as opportunity to brand themselves and diversify from their competition,” says Meder.

Fast Twitch’s extensive marketing campaign can be directly linked to their online presence. A website is an ideal tool to use in order to direct potential clients looking for more information, share tips and advice with customers or show credibility as a working professional. Meder uses his website as a tool to expand the Fast Twitch brand.

“In the long term, our continued growth is very dependent on our branding. Our online presence and our ability to push out information about our programming, clients, and company will play a huge role in our growth out of Miami,” says Meder.

About 1&1 Internet

1&1 Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of United Internet, a profitable public company with a market cap of more than $8 billion. Founded in 1988, 1&1’s global community is over 13 million customer contracts strong. 1&1 Group manages more than 19 million domain names worldwide. More than 70,000 servers run in 1&1’s seven state-of-the-art, green data centers. The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Chesterbrook, Pa. Vist www.1and1.com to learn more.


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