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How To Create Infographics

[ 0 ] Jun. 30, 2014 | SBO Editor


Infographics are being used everywhere by Fortune 500 companies and even the smallest businesses to present valuable information and visuals about a product, a service or a program. You don’t have to be a creative artist or graphics whiz to develop your own infographics.

Tips To Create Infographics

You’ll have to do research to create great data for your project. Make sure your research is solid and that you can back it up. Statistics work well if they are well researched and presented clearly in your visuals.

You can start your infographics outline by developing a simple storyboard. What do you want to say, how do you want to say it? What are the key points for your infographic?

Consider a fun layout for your infographics. How should you format your infographic? What colors should you use?

Check out the following tools to help you develop great a wonderful infographic for your small business projects and presentations:

iCharts: You can use this website to help you create good looking charts in just a few minutes. You can incorporate these charts into your infographics. Visit www.icharts.net to learn more about iCharts.

Piktochart: This is another platform to help you develop great infographics. You can create very innovative infographics using their icons, images, themes and charts. Visit www.piktochart.com to learn more.

Visual.ly: This is another fun, catchy tool to help you great your own infographics. It is easy to use. Visit www.create.visualy.ly. to learn more.

Easel.ly: If you are familiar with drag and drop website builders, you can easily master this program for your infographics. The site includes their own “vhemes” (visual themes) that you can borrow from to create your own infographics. Visit www.easel.ly to find out how you can do it.

InfoActive: You can build your own interactive infographics with help from this site. Visit www.infoactive.co to learn how.

Infogram: A very popular program that has helped many entrepreneurs create fun infographics. Informative infographics are within your reach with this platform. Learn more at www.infogr.am

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