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Building Muscle and Teamwork

[ 0 ] Jun. 12, 2014 | SBO Editor
Strengthening teamwork in an office environment often contributes to greater unity, productivity and employee satisfaction. Teamwork also provides encouragement in fitness. When people work together, they push each other harder to succeed. And, since you may be stuck in an office with your “teammates”all day and may not have the time to work out, here are 5 Ways to Build Muscle and Teamwork in the Office, from Shana Schneider, fitness expert and founder of FITWEEK.


5 ways to build muscle and teamwork in the office

  1. Replace the birthday cake celebration with strawberries and cream and have everyone in the office participate in whipping the cream! It doesn’t take nearly as long as you think and this also gives people the option to just eat the fruit or both and more easily control the quantity!

  2. If your office goes on retreat, make one of the sessions a fitness activity. You could bring in a fitness instructor and do a group Zumba class or a yoga class. Just have everyone promise no photos!

  3. Conduct a group staff meeting standing up. You’ll be surprised how much more engaged people are in the meeting; there’s no way to hide behind a laptop or slouch to check your phone either!

  4. Instead of meeting at your desk see if you can walk and talk.

  5. If your company offers any wellness activities or programs, create an office team and participate together.

According to Shana Schneider, founder of FITWEEK, “I’m a fitness expert with a unique FitStyle program for women with to do’s that just don’t stop (something I wish I could say about my legs)! I have a penchant for ice cream and biscuits (though not together unless it’s strawberry shortcake) and, I’ll be honest, I like to work out. I don’t always feel like it, but I do like the feeling after I’ve done it!”Commitment can be difficult when you have an unpredictable schedule. I don’t always have the hour or two necessary every day to dedicate to working out. So, I keep a lookout for new things that will fit into my schedule or get me excited enough to put it into my calendar as an actual meeting. I try to find ways to bring a little fitness into required activities like doing brushing my teeth or going to the grocery store and into fun, social activities like going out to dinner or shopping with friends.”FitStyle is about finding ways to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle, doing things throughout the week that build up over time. Having a stash of exercises I can do while running errands or easy ways to add a little fitness to my day helps me feel better when I end up at my office late and miss the fitness class I had every intention of going to.”

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