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Boost Sales At Trade Shows

[ 1 ] Jun. 19, 2014 | SBO Editor

trade shows

Trade shows exist for several different types of industries and they’re beneficial for retailers, buyers, marketers, the media, and more. Becoming an exhibitor at trade shows can be a great way to raise interest in your products and find new customers.

Trade Shows

If you take advantage of all that trade shows have to offer, you can see a definite boost in your sales. You just have to find the right audience and develop a strong pitch for your product. The founder of KeyTag1, Braun Barski, shares these five ways to see increased sales from trade shows.

1. Have a value offering.

When you are an exhibitor at a trade show you want to entice people to stop by your booth at trade shows to find out more information and get a close-up view of your products.

One idea for catching the attention of trade show attendees is to have a value offering at your booth like a free giveaway. Make sure to announce your value offering ahead of time, whether through social media, in the trade show guide, or even on a sign at the trade show. This way people will add your booth to their list of booths they plan to visit. The bigger the giveaway the more likely you will see people stop by.

You can give away a product like an iPad or something related to your business. Also make sure to get the name and email of each person who enters the giveaway so you can market to them later.

2Take action through sign ups.

While people are passing by your booth at trade shows and asking questions about your business, take action by getting them to sign up for a membership, loyalty program, or account and gather their information up front. Tell them all of the great benefits of becoming a member and for signing up, like receiving exclusive coupons and discounts. For every person that signs up, hand out key tags and plastic cards that they can use to show that they are a member and to receive their discounts for making purchases and more.

3Make your booth engaging.

You want as many people as possible to see your booth and stop by to learn more. The way to do this is to have a creative and attractive booth at trade shows. You do not have to go all out with props and decorations. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and just find a way to creatively display your products so that people can see them in action. The booths that draw people in the most at trade shows tend to be booths that are cleverly set up to stand out from the rest.

4Host a special event.

Want to keep people at your booth instead of moving onto the next one? Let people know that you will be serving rum drinks at a certain time, handing out popcorn, having a live demonstration or a Q&A with an expert.

The more interactive you get with your booth visitors, the more likely you are to gain a new customer and get people talking about your brand. Seeing you put so much effort into your business will keep people interested and they’ll want to tell others to stop by your booth as well to take advantage of the cool promotion you have.

5Don’t be shy and speak up!

As people are walking by your booth you want to smile at them and engage with them — and you can do this without being salesy! A simple, “Hello, how are you?” or “How are you enjoying the show?” can be enough to get the conversation flowing.

You’ll meet so many new people at trade shows and the more you network with people, the more connections you will make. They might not be looking for what you’re offering but they just might know someone else who is! Don’t be afraid to make conversation with exhibitors at other booths because you don’t know who you will run into. Other people are often willing to help you out and you can help them out, especially when you have a similar target audience. Use trade shows to sell your wares.

To learn more, visit www.keytag1.com 

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  • http://www.everyonelovesbuttons.com/ Maura Statman

    You get out of tradeshows what you put into them. If you set up a boring booth and just stand there, there’s no point! Think about what will attract attention and get people interested in your company.