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MyRegistry.com Introduces Kiosk Mobile App

[ 0 ] May. 15, 2014 | SBO Editor

MyRegistryMyRegistry.com introduces a new kisok mobile app for merchants creating the opportunity for retailers to offer an easy to implement in-store registry service.

MyRegistry.com announces the release of its “Kiosk” Mobile App on iOS for merchants to operate an in-store gift registry service.  This new application enables any brick and mortar retailer to have sophisticated gift registry tools that in the past could only be afforded by major department stores.  There is no cost for partner stores to utilize this service, as it is an extension to MyRegistry.com’s current free app for registry customers. The key purpose is to assist partner stores with creating new gift registries in their physical stores, as they are already able to do so online. The application integrates with the MyRegistry.com custom merchant management system, allowing retailers with multiple store locations to see registry data, both customer and product date, by store ID in real time.

MyRegistry.com offers in-store kiosk

The kiosk application offers merchants an easy and convenient solution to set up a tablet based kiosk system to create gift registries in store, which then integrates with customer’s smart phones to scan items on to the gift registry that they just created. Once the gift registry has been created using the retailer’s iPad, customers can turn their smartphones into barcode scanners by using the MyRegistry.com consumer application. New gift registries are instantly integrated into the MyRegistry.com universal online platform and can be viewed on the merchant’s website. Retailers can also utilize this application to find existing customer gift registries and update registries after items have been purchased.

“The existing gift registry model that is currently in place for merchants can be very limiting and costly” said MyRegistry.com President Nancy Lee. “The new MyRegistry.com “Kiosk” Mobile App provides retailers small and large alike, with a useful and affordable gift registry system that will help boost sales while reaching a new demographic. From the beginning, MyRegistry.com has worked to reshape the industry by making gift registries more accessible and profitable for all involved and we are proud to introduce this application as our latest advancement.”

The United States baby and bridal markets equates to over $50 billion in sales annually with over 2.2 million couples getting married and 4 million babies being born each year. Furthermore, 2012 Holiday sales reached $579.5 billion. The MyRegistry.com “Kiosk” Mobile App enables brick-and-mortar merchants to capitalize on the holiday gift, wedding and baby industries through its free registry service that will not only help to increase internal revenue, but also better accommodate their new and existing customers. The iPad and Smartphone capabilities eliminate the need for expensive and antiquated registry sales equipment.

About MyRegistry.com

MyRegistry.com is the leading universal gift registry site.  Members can add gifts to their registries from any site on the Internet, tastefully register for cash gifts, and sync existing store registries onto one universal gift list. Members may easily announce their registry using customized E-Cards or share it on Facebook and Twitter. Notably, the company now provides members with the opportunity to let their Pinterest followers know about their registry via a custom pin that can be pinned to a Pinterest pinboard.


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