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MLB Team Could Promote Your Small Business

[ 0 ] May. 12, 2014 | SBO Editor

MLB team

Have you ever dreamed of having access to a MLB team to promote your new business? You can work with a team from MLB and have them sponsor your small business. You can work with a major sporting brand, such as Major League Baseball, thanks to Instant Sponsor.

Have you ever thought advertising at a MLB event is too expensive? Instant Sponsor has created USA Startup Week to help small businesses work with a MLB team.

‘Instant Sponsor’ is changing the way sports sponsorship is typically done and is the brand new way, start up businesses can advertise at sporting venues at an affordable price.  By sporting venues, this means they can associate themselves with a MLB Team, for example and have the opportunity to meet Venture Capitalists. 

Instant Sponsor are presenting the very first, ‘USA Startup Week’ and are offering start up companies, short term sponsorship, in association with the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants, Major League Baseball teams. 

“The aim of USA Startup Week is to provide a vehicle to start up companies to build brand awareness and reach their target market through mainstream US team sports, which will be broadcast nationally on television. 

MLB Team Tie-In

“We are creating an open market place and opportunity for start up companies to be able to afford to engage with a powerhouse sporting organization such as the MLB. We are looking forward to bringing this model to all cities in the USA, to give start ups an opportunity to expand their business and reach a larger audience than what they would normally be able to”, said Anthony Puntoriero, CEO, Instant Sponsor. 

Together with providing an affordable advertising structure, Instant Sponsor have a number of Venture Capitalist companies in all parts of the USA, who will attend the baseball games and the start up company will have the opportunity to pitch their business; whether it is a product or service, in a relaxed, yet professional environment. 

Instant Sponsor is offering sponsorship opportunities at MLB team games around the home plate. According to Repucom figures from 2012, the advertising space around the home plate can cost up to $45,000, for a half inning, yet Instant Sponsor have negotiated these properties, starting at just $5,000.

Instant Sponsor

“We are very excited about creating this strategic opportunity for start ups at a very low entry point. I personally know this form of advertising works, because I have already put my money where my mouth is. Instant Sponsor sponsored a home plate for a half inning at a recent Athletics game and I received 1,000 new business opportunities, 22,000 new followers on twitter and 5,000 hits to the website- with only four minutes of air time”, concluded Puntoriero.

Instant Sponsor is also going the extra mile and offering all start ups which take this opportunity, public relations support, before, during and after the MLB team match in order to truly make their investment worthwhile.

Together with teams from the MLB, Instant Sponsor has organized for brands to take sponsorship at NBA and NHL games. They have also allowed companies to be on the polo shirts of golfers, who are playing in the final pairing of a PGA tournament and will receive large amounts of television exposure. They have done similar things with lower ranked tennis players competing against the top seeds like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. While these games will typically only last 90 minutes, the lower ranked player will receive around 46% of air time, according to Repucom. This helps lower ranked athletes who struggle to get sports sponsorship and also helps start up companies, break into sports sponsorship.

 Instant Sponsor currently has associations with not only MLB team members, sporting clubs, but athlete managers and individual players and athletes.

The dates for MLB team Startup Week are:
USA Startup Week for the Oakland Athletics runs from 26 May – 1June, 2014, where the Detroit Tigers play four games at Oakland and then the Los Angeles Angels also play at the Coliseum.USA Startup Week for the San Francisco Giants runs from 6-12 June, 2014, where the New York Mets play three games in San Francisco and then they host the Washington Nationals for four games. For more information, visit www.instantsponsor.com

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