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Become A Great Sales Professional

[ 0 ] May. 1, 2014 | SBO Editor

sales professional

The sales professional is a vital key to the success of any organization. Want to be a great sales professional? Worldwide Express offers tips on how you can become a sales professional. Company executives describe the top three qualities that any sales professional should embrace to stand out in a competitive career.

Worldwide Express, a Dallas-based global package and freight-shipping firm, offered guidance to become a sales professional and how to excel in their career. Describing the skills essential for growth and development, the company outlined three qualities often found in outstanding performers and provided advice on how any sales professional can evolve from good to great.

Three Tips To Become A Great Sales Professional

“A career in sales is not about talent, but about drive,” said Brendan Newman, vice president of sales for Worldwide Express. “Some are afraid of giving it their all and failing; however, a sales professional must be fearless and give 100% effort in every task.”

“I think a sales professional is wired differently,” added Sean O’Shaughnessy, senior vice president of Worldwide Express. “When evaluating their day-to-day actions, you’ll see a very different skill set. The top sales professional is ambitious and tenacious, they think well on their feet and tackle challenges head-on with creative solutions.”

To help you become a sales professional and evolve from good to great, Worldwide Express outlined three qualities individuals can foster and pursue in their professional development.

Be Driven

A key factor that distinguishes the outstanding sales professional apart from others is a driven attitude. Stemming from a competitive nature, this goal-driven attitude continues to grow when placed in an environment that rewards results. Other positive traits include self-motivation, discipline, a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn and the ability to accept rejection.

“Having an edge in this profession is like having a chip on your shoulder – but in a positive way,” said Newman. “Sales professionals have to make it a point to make sales their number one priority. Every individual must always play for the number one spot.”

“At Worldwide Express, we’ve created a sales performance program that fosters friendly competition through the company – but with sizeable cash prizes,” said O’Shaughnessy. “Sales professionals should make sure they’re familiar with their company’s performance program, and use that to motivate their professional goals.”

Sharpen Your Skills

In the sales industry, it is vital that a sales professional is always sharpening their skills and improving their technique. But, it can be difficult to find resources or tactics that aid in pursuing ever-rising sales goals.

“One of the most intimidating – yet thrilling – quality of a sales career is that there’s no set way to succeed,” said O’Shaughnessy. “You can get advice from dozens of sales professionals, but you must find the unique formula that works best for you.”

“It’s important to discover your distinctive method for professional development,” continued O’Shaughnessy. “Find a trusted mentor, read a book, join a professional organization or even take an experienced colleague out to lunch – the possibilities are endless, but require initiative and ingenuity.”

Cultivate Optimism and Passion

The most adept sales professional learns early in his or her career that optimism and passion are great assets for success. The occupation invites a constant stream of rejection, making it easy to become discouraged. However, instead of dwelling on the negative, individuals must learn to find a silver lining in every situation.

“Rejection is a deadly virus within a sales organization, because emotions are contagious,” said O’Shaughnessy. “Sales professionals must maintain the highest level of confidence, having faith that a sale is just around the corner. By believing in oneself, limiting negative thought and focusing on their goals and passions, one is bound to find success.”

“Everyone has the ability to be excellent in sales,” said Newman. “Establish a goal, and push yourself to the limit. By working hard and having a positive, no-excuses attitude, you’ll be surprised by what you’re able to accomplish.”

About Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express is a global logistics company based in Dallas that has handled millions of package and freight shipments for more than 30,000 small to midsize businesses. With more than 150 franchises across the country, Worldwide Express is one of the largest authorized resellers of express shipping for UPS®, as well as a trusted freight partner to more than 55 carriers. To learn more, visit www.wwex.com.

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