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Stop the Ink-Sanity: Costly Printer Ink

[ 0 ] Apr. 14, 2014 | SBO Editor

stop the ink-sanity

Stop the Ink-Sanity: Exorbitant Cost of Printer Ink Inspires National Campaign. Cartridge World Launches Stop the Ink-Sanity Crusade to Help Small Businesses Collectively Save $500 Million.

It is time to Stop the Ink-Sanity, says Cartridge World. Some things defy all reason. Printer ink, costing as much as $60 per ounce, is among the top 10 most expensive liquids on earth. According to Consumer Reports,
ink costs more per gallon than fine Champagne or Channel No. 5. In fact, just one ounce of ink costs more than many of the printers they are designed for. It makes you wonder how expensive printer manufacturers will make ink — and how cheap they will sell printers toget customers hooked. Cartridge World is launching a campaign to help
stop the ink-sanity.

Stop the Ink-Sanity Campaign

Coinciding with National Small Business Week (May 12-16, 2014), Cartridge World says Stop the Ink-Sanity! The retailer says there aremany ways small businesses can fight the high cost of printing and stop the ink-sanity. The
savings can mean thousands for individual businesses and millions nationwide.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 5.5 million U.S. businesses with 50 or fewer employees. Cartridge World, one of the largest retailers of replacement ink and toner cartridges
and printing supplies, says if just 10 percent of these businesses switched to “remanufactured” cartridges, they could collectively save $500 million per year.

Cartridge World says the average small business can save $1,000 or more on printer cartridges annually. “Our goal is to help small businesses understand what drives the high cost of printing and present
alternatives to significantly reduce their cost,” said William Swanson, North American CEO of Cartridge World.

The reason printing is so expensive is simple. “Printer manufacturers want ink to be expensive,” explains Swanson. “They make their money from selling printer cartridges, not the printers.” He said while businesses think they are saving money by buying an inexpensive printer, they are likely signing up to buy expensive cartridges for
years — sometimes paying five to 10 times the cost of the printer every year. Time to stop the ink-sanity.

Swanson also points out that over the past 10 years, ink levels in some cartridges have decreased by as much as 90 percent. The reduction in ink volume and the introduction of ‘starter’ cartridges supplied with
new printers are aimed at making end users buy replacement cartridges as soon as possible.

Unlike big-box retailers that get incentives to sell certain brands of printers, Cartridge World’s owners are local printing experts. “Our objective advice is the last thing manufacturer reps will tell you. The Cartridge World solution is to buy high-efficiency printers that use high-yield cartridges.”

“We’ll match your actual printing needs with the right equipment,” added Swanson. “In addition to finding the right printer, businesses can save up to 30 percent off full-priced OEM cartridges by buying Cartridge World’s replacement cartridges. They’re 100 percent guaranteed.”

Cartridge World offers several time- and money-saving advantages to small businesses.

—  Businesses can estimate their printer cartridge savings with an online
—  The company offers a free CW Print Manager(TM) App to automatically
monitor printer use, so it never runs out of ink or toner, plus they
provide a free EasyOrder online ordering App.
—  The company provides free next-day delivery for local business
—  Cartridge World supports recycling empty printer cartridges, old
printers and small electronics.

Find your local store at www.CartridgeWorld.com and ask for details about the stop the ink-sanity campaign.

Cartridge World is the leading ink and toner retailer and franchisor in
the $80 billion printer cartridge industry. The company sells printers,
paper, printing supplies and services, and uses state-of-the-art
manufacturing processes to build high quality ink and toner cartridges.
Cartridge World stores provide a tremendous cost-saving alternative to
buying new printer cartridges, offering up to a 30-percent discount
over full-priced name brand cartridges. Cartridge World also offers a
100-percent satisfaction guarantee and free delivery to business
customers. Ranked in the Top 100 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine,
Cartridge World has more than 1,400 retail locations in over 50

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