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From Idea To Invention

[ 0 ] Apr. 7, 2014 | SBO Editor

Idea to invention

Move from idea to invention by following the steps outlined in Patricia Nolan-Brown’s new book Idea to Invention. While many see an inventor as a bespectacled genius working away on their new idea in a lab, the author of Idea to Invention see herself as an ordinary person, mother of three and self-made inventor.

Patricia Nolan-Brown has been inventing and marketing her products for more than 20 years and she’s packaged her knowledge and experience into Idea To Invention: What You Need To Know To Cash In On Your Inspiration (AMACOM, $17.95).

Idea To Invention is a how-to handbook and motivator that will inspire you. The six success traits to take your idea to invention are summed up in an acronym: I.N.V.E.N.T: Inquisitive, Nerve, Voice, Energy, Nourish and Tenacity.

The author of Idea to Invention suggests readers get a handle on these core traits and habits of successful inventors and then focus on creating the product. “I am living proof that you can create your own American dream,” says the Idea to Invention author. “All you need is imagination and this book.”

In Idea To Invention, you’ll learn the six steps to the inventing process:

Idea to Invention Step One:

Think It. Learn techniques for getting the creative juices flowing with a purpose. Start with what you know–but think outside the box.

Idea to Invention Step Two:

Cook It. Discover how to turn the ingredients of an idea into something real, from creating a sell sheet to making a humble but powerful cardboard prototype.

Idea to Invention Step Three:

Protect It. Keep lucrative ideas safe from pirates. Learn about Non-disclosure agreements, trademarks and patens.

Idea to Invention Step Four:

Pitch It. Master the art and crafts of generating excitement for a product–including cold calls and tradeshow shortcuts–whether with a licensee or store buyer.

Idea to Invention Step Five:

Make It. Explore the ins and outs, and pros and cons, of outsourcing to a licensed manufacturer vs. running a home business assembly line.

Idea to Invention Step Six:

Bedazzle It. Adds years to a product’s life with enhancement, variations, and extra uses.

To learn more, visit www.amacombooks.org



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