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eBook Can Raise Your Company’s Stature

[ 0 ] Apr. 29, 2014 | SBO Editor


An eBook can help build your reputation and business.

Would you like to raise your company’s stature in the minds of your customers and sought-after prospects? Do you want to stand apart from the competition? How about enriching your content marketing program? You can do it with the creation of a polished, professional and authoritative eBook.

An eBook can enable companies to enhance their reputation as experts, build a passionate audience of followers and cultivate revenue. The fact that eBook sales can provide supplemental income is just icing on the cake.

The premise is simple.  In the course of business, your team has generated expertise in specific areas of knowledge.  Current and potential customers want to access that expertise for their own benefit.  Offer those insights in the pages of an eBook, and they will not only pay for the eBook, but look to your company for answers, solutions, products and services.  You could also offer the ebook free to qualified prospects to nurture their interest in your products or services.

eBook To Market Your Business

An eBook is a great devices to capture prospects early in the sale funnel and move them toward purchase. The creation of an eBook may sound daunting, but needn’t be.  The eBook tends to be short in format, simple and inexpensive to produce and easy to distribute.

Your eBook can be any length required to impart your company’s insights.  It requires no set number of pages or words to complete.  Writing is made easier if team members collaborate to create the eBook’s content and then one member serves as the editor.

Unlike traditional books, eBooks don’t require middlemen to distribute.  Your company can distribute the book itself through your website or blog.  Create a dedicated landing web page for the distribution of your eBook.  Promote the eBook on your website, through social media channels and in trade publications.

Business eBook success stories abound. Ziva Jewelers grew business through an ebook that educates customers about gemstones.  Comparison shopping service FeeFighters wrote an eBook to enlighten small business customers about credit card processing.

The eBook your company creates should be viewed as far more substantial than standard blog posts or articles.   After all, you want your audience to see the eBook as a “must-have” resource.   For that reason, devote the effort to making your eBook a great example of your company’s business acumen. Here’s how.

Invite your readers’ eyes.  Your work should be oriented the way your reader will view it: in landscape format if read on screen, or in portrait format if it will likely be printed out and read.   And because cluttered, “busy” pages look amateurish, give your eBook’s pages wide margins and ample white space.

Break up the text.  You want to provide information, but that doesn’t mean your book has to be presented only as text.   In fact, it’s far better if you use charts, graphs, photos, illustrations, quote call-outs and other visual devices.  These make the marketing piece more interesting and easier to read.

Use the front cover to “sell.”  Your book cover is the image that will be used in marketing your book.  Take time to create a cover that is compelling and helps sell readers on obtaining it.  The cover will often be displayed in miniaturized format, so the headline should be large enough to be read in that smaller size.

For insights into how to write an eBook, contact Walt Denny Inc. at 708-246-4211, email walt@waltdenny.com or visit www.waltdenny.com.

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