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Build Your Brand With A Loyalty Program

[ 0 ] Apr. 28, 2014 | SBO Editor

loyalty program

Want to build your brand? Add a loyalty program.

By Justin Hotard

You designed your store or restaurant with the perfect accessories and accents to create that exceptional customer experience. However, have you considered what a loyalty program could do to enhance that experience? Have you obsessed about what it could do for your brand? According to Forrester Research, your brand is defined by the interactions that people have with it every day. A loyalty program could enhance your brand. A loyalty program is a valuable accessory to your brand.

Your Loyalty Program

When a customer walks up to the counter, your brand, and reputation are put to the test. Maybe they just finished a great meal, or browsed your shop and picked up some amazing finds. At checkout, they’re smiling, you’re smiling, and hoping they’ll tell their friends what a great experience they had. Next, you wonder when will I see them again. Then there’s the moment of truth, are they a loyal customer? Will they come back? You lean back and smile, because your mobile POS has integrated loyalty and your customers see their rewards every time they make a purchase. And redeeming them is convenient, no paper punch cards, it’s all on the point of sale and happens seamlessly at checkout. The only decision you had to make was—do I want to reward by visits or amount spent? Loyalty made simple lets you thank your best customers and gain insights into who are your frequent customers and who are your big spenders. A loyalty program is also easy to add to your marketing mix.

Customers value brands that are friendly and easy to do business with. Don’t let a complex loyalty program offered by third parties chip away at your brand or send your customers to your competition. There are three important considerations when evaluating a loyalty program for your mobile POS.

  • First, make sure loyalty is integrated into your mobile POS. Building customer insights is critical. If your POS also has integrated email marketing and customer purchase history, you’ll want to keep your customer data centralized, and use simple analytics and reports to learn more about your customers.
  • Second, consider cost and scalability. If you’re using a third-party loyalty program, are you being charged monthly and do the fees increase as your customer database grows? A mobile POS with integrated loyalty cannot only give you greater insights it can potentially save you as much as $100 a month.
  • Last, but certainly not least is security. Do you want to protect your customers’ information? You probably don’t want it getting in the hands of other merchants that could be marketing to them. Beware of third-party loyalty applications. They may work with your POS, but they are not really working with you. They are working for themselves, and anyone else in their ecosystem, and likely sharing your customer’s information.

Be aggressive about setting up a loyalty program, obsess about your brand, and protect your base.  Loyalty that’s simple—that’s the small business way.

 About the Author

Justin Hotard is vice president and general manager at NCR Silver and NCR Small Business. He has spent over a decade building high-growth businesses in the technology, telecom, and media industries through organizational development, nurturing partnerships, and identifying strategic acquisitions. He can be reached at Justin.hotard@ncr.com or 678-808-7723.


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