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PODS Product On Demand Kiosk

[ 0 ] Mar. 26, 2014 | SBO Editor


PODS™, Product On Demand Systems, provide a new platform for nightclubs, restaurants, bars, convenience and grocery stores to fulfill customers on demand needs while contributing to the bottom line. Featuring the latest automated retailing technology, social media integration and age verification; PODS offer low labor, zero theft opportunities to generate significant revenue while occupying only 3 sq ft of space.

The interactive PODS retail kiosk is slender and requires no additional labor or maintenance. PODS compliment existing revenue streams and allow the customer to stay in the venue by providing products when and where they need them. The PODS sell a wide vareity of products including electronic cigarettes, beauty products and mobile phone chargers.

The units will allow venues to offer products to their customers without a great investment of time. The PODS have no moving parts and feature a web-based control system with real-time reporting. A custom CRM system offers on demand advertising capabilities. The units feature a patented cartridge swap replacement method that is idea for premium venues in high traffic areas.


According to Krista Bishop Powers, the VP of marketing for the company, “Convenience is a trend that is here to stay. People enjoy giving their business to venues that offer items they may need, and venues benefit from PODS by opening a revenue stream without increasing overhead.”

This new concept in automated retailing is a joint effort designed by hospitality professionals at ZPHK Holdings LLC and build by ZoomSystems; industry titans who brought the “Zoom Shops” featuring Best Buy, Provactive, Apple and Nespresso. PODS capabilities include selling and branding of socially engaging, high volume impulse items that many consumers want.

The PODS were introduced this week at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. The company’s website is www.mypods.co . Visit the site to learn more about how these units could help improve your bottom line in your venue while occupying three square feet of space.

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