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Passion A Key To Small Business Success

[ 2 ] Mar. 17, 2014 | SBO Editor

small business success

Conveying passion for what you do can be a key to your small business success.

By James Mendelsohn

Chief Marketing Officer at CAN Capital

One thing that many small business owners have in common is passion—a love of what they do, whom they serve, and how they do it.  A business rooted in something you are passionate about has a better chance of growing into a successful venture, especially if you share your story.  As a small business owner, you have probably noticed that customers appreciate your zeal and dedication.  Successfully communicating these qualities to others—not only to potential customers, but also to the media and even other small businesses—can strengthen the existing support for your business and help earn new business leads, potential partnerships and other opportunities that will facilitate growth.

Keys to Small Business Success

Telling your story is paramount, but the way you do it is also greatly significant.  To ensure that your small business success story is translated to a larger audience, it is important to know the best tools and methods to help boost your visibility and ultimately amplify your success:

  1. Utilize social media: Social media can be a driving force in terms of communicating any kind of message.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other widely used social platforms are stages for broad interaction.  Creating profiles for your company on all of these platforms, or at least the ones that make sense, will make you visible to a number of audiences and can contribute to your small business success.  From there, you can gradually build your social following by regularly posting thoughtful reflections, updates, and other interesting content.
  2. Use interactive content: Employing social media as the vehicle to tell your story is incredibly effective, but you should also consider the content that you promote via these channels.  Your passion might be demonstrated most effectively by photos of your hard work and hands-on involvement in your business.  Likewise, your small business success story might be told best through a slide show or short video.  Developing more interactive content for your social media channels will keep people interested and will drive audience engagement, enabling your story to be shared not only by you, but by others who identify with the content you create.
  3. Establish a Blog: What better way to share your story than to chronicle your successes (and even your struggles) on a blog written in your very own voice.  A blog can easily be added to your company website, and links to blog posts can be shared via your social media channels.  A blog offers the benefit of providing a platform where you can post more extensive pieces that detail new products and services or explore recent trends, establishing your company as a trusted industry leader. This can go a long way in building your small business success.

As your story catches on and new customers abound, your business is likely to need money to grow.  Telling your story will not only help you recruit new customers—it can also help you secure the capital you need to manage growth.  An interesting tip about small business finance companies is that some of them, such as CAN Capital, consider passion to be a significant factor in predicting  your small business success.   In fact, telling your story and adequately conveying your drive to succeed can influence a capital provider’s decision about whether to grant your business access to funding.  Passion is not just a driving force behind small business success—it can be a key factor in determining whether your business gets the resources it needs to grow.

About the Author

James Mendelsohn is Chief Marketing Officer at CAN Capital, the largest and most-experienced small business finance specialist providing access to capital. CAN Capital has provided access to over $3.8 billion in fundings since 1998.  Follow the company on Twitter @CANCapital or Facebook.com/CANCapital. Visit http://www.cancapital.com/ for more information.


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