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eBay Small Business Center and sbomag

[ 0 ] Mar. 3, 2014 | SBO Editor


We’re proud to be a leading content provider to the eBay Small Business Center.

The eBay site is a free resource for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to sell more and be an overall better small business owner. The site is updated with timely news and advice to help you learn the latest selling techniques to be an effective and efficient company owner. Visit the site at http://cc.ebay.com/small-business-info/ and bookmark it to find the latest offerings in how to set up and run your small business.

You can also visit our www.sbomag.com site for daily postings on a wide variety of happenings, trends, features and how-to information on establishing and running a small business from home or an outside facility, part-time or full-time. Find the perfect business opportunity or franchise. Get started today whether you want to plunge in with a 24/7 venture or become a weekend warrior.

eBay’s Online Marketplace

eBay delivers one of the world’s largest online marketplaces to customers via any connected device, connecting people with the things they need and love.

With 128 million active users globally, eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. Founded in 1995, eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses. Their collective impact on ecommerce is staggering, and more than 500 million items are listed on eBay.

As of January 2014, eBay’s market capitalization stood at roughly $69 billion. It is considered one of the most successful internet startups of all time by market capitalization, revenue, growth and cultural impact.

How eBay Was Founded

AuctionWeb was founded in San Jose, California, on September 3, 1995, by French-born Iranian-American computer programmer Pierre Omidyar (born June 21, 1967) as part of a larger personal site that included, among other things, Omidyar’s own tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Ebola virus.

One of the first items sold on AuctionWeb was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. Astonished, Omidyar contacted the winning bidder to ask if he understood that the laser pointer was broken. In his responding email, the buyer explained: “I’m a collector of broken laser pointers.” The frequently repeated story that eBay was founded to help Omidyar’s fiancée trade Pez candy dispensers was fabricated by a public relations manager in 1997 to interest the media, which were not interested in the company’s previous explanation about wanting to create a “perfect market”. This was revealed in Adam Cohen’s book, The Perfect Store (2002), and confirmed by eBay.


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