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How To Come Up With Ideas

[ 0 ] Mar. 4, 2014 | SBO Editor

how to come up with ideas

Are you wondering how to come up with ideas, brilliant ideas, for your small business? You can learn how to come up with ideas–not just any ideas–but brilliant ideas when the pressure is on. March is National Ideas Month. So what will help you learn how to come up with ideas for your small business?

Here’s an intriguing idea on how to come up with ideas from New York Times best-selling author and writing coach Michael Levin,: “Creativity is a muscle; use it or lose it.”

Levin, whose new Books Are My Babies YouTube channel (www.BooksAreMyBabies.com) offers 160-plus free tutorials for writers, says anyone can learn how to come up with ideas and grow their creativity,just like any other muscle.

“I define creativity as ‘the ability to develop great ideas while under pressure,’ ” he says. “Pressure creates diamonds, so why shouldn’t it also create great ideas?” So what are you doing to learn how to come up with good ideas?

But sometimes, pressure paralyzes creativity.

How to come up with ideas

“I’ve experienced it when writing under deadline pressure and writing under the pressure of my own high expectations,” Levin says. “Over time, I’ve developed several tricks to stimulate my creative muscle, learn how to come up with good ideas and help me come up with great ideas for whatever challenge I face – whether it’s writing or figuring out how to arrange a busy family weekend schedule so that everyone’s needs are met.”

Here are four of Levin’s no-fail tips for how to come up with ideas and how to generate creative ideas under pressure:

1. Ask yourself

“What’s the most dangerous, expensive and illegal way to solve this problem?”  We usually take the same approach to solving problems every time with the resources we have at hand. “This doesn’t exactly translate into breathtaking creativity,” Levin says.  So imagine that you have no limits — legal, moral, financial, whatever. You can do literally anything to solve the problem. The way-out ideas you develop may not be practical, but they’ll lead you to new ways of thinking about your problem. And then you can find a non-life-threatening, legal way to solve it!

2.  Hide

We live in a world of constant, thin-sliced demands. Unanswered texts and emails. People waiting for you to say something, do something, read something, decide something. Run and hide. Lock yourself in your car or hunker down in a bathroom stall. Slow down and get your brain back. This is a great way to develop your own groove on how to come up with ideas.

It’s all but impossible for your creative brain to operate when you’re responding to endless external stimuli. To learn how to come up with good ideas remember that the best ideas often come when you run from your responsibilities.

3. Count to 20

Go somewhere where you can be undisturbed, bring a yellow pad and a pen, turn off your phone, and sit there until you come up with 20 ideas for solving your problem. This is a great technique to master in how to come up with good ideas. This requires discipline, because most of us are so happy when we have one answer to a problem that we want to move to the next agenda item. Not every idea you invent will be a great one, but that’s okay.  It may be idea number 17 that’s truly brilliant, but you’d never get there if you ran back to your desk after you came up with one, two or even five ideas. If you do this daily, you’ll learn how to come up with ideas and develop 100 new ideas a week. Imagine how strong your idea muscle will be! You can train to teach your brain in how to come up with good ideas.

4. Give up

Here is another technique that can help you learn how to come up with good ideas. Cardiologists recommend to heart patients that they visit nature, go to a museum, or attend a classical concert. Why? It slows them down and allows them to appreciate beauty instead of seeing life as a constant battle.  Surrender your own siege mentality. Life isn’t war, thank goodness. To generate creativity and learn how to come up with good ideas, take a major step away, even for a couple of hours, from whatever battles you’re facing, contemplate the greatness of the human spirit or the wonder of nature, and reawaken the creative energy that our fight-minded world suppresses.

About Michael Levin: New York Times best-selling author Michael Levin runs the “Books Are My Babies” YouTube channel, www.BooksAreMyBabies.com, a free resource of tutorial videos for writers. Levin has written more than 100 books, including eight national best-sellers; five that have been optioned for film or TV by Steven Soderbergh/Paramount, HBO, Disney, ABC, and others; and one that became “Model Behavior,” an ABC Sunday night Disney movie of the week. Follow these tips and you will learn how to come up with good ideas.


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