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6 Sales Success Tips

[ 0 ] Mar. 31, 2014 | SBO Editor

sales success

Sales superstar shares tips to reach sales success.

By Kinja Dixon

Regardless of whether a person has been in sales or transitioning, there are a few key fundamentals that must be considered. Some positions in sales have a base plus commission; however, many offer commission only. There are 6 ways to increase the results in a salesperson’s career, but a substantial savings account is recommended to give a fair chance at the process because the learning curve does take some time. Follow these tips to sales success.

1)    Read and/or Listen to Books Related to Personal Development

For the person who plans on being a sales success, mental fortitude is required. Understanding of human behavior, how to keep a positive mental attitude, and how to handle rejection, to name a few, are basics needed to weather the storm. To aid in the sales success process, it is highly recommended that the salesperson reads books pertaining to personal development. The attitude enhancements that are gained, if there is a true commitment to the principles shared, are recommended to sustain in life, but mandatory to reach sales success.

2)    Competition Must Be Internal, Not External

 Having an emotional balance during the learning process in sales success is very important.  Adjusting to the varied attitudes of customers, mixed with customer rejection, to name a couple, are uncontrollable barriers that may be present, but can be overcome. Adding any anxiety to the process by competing with anyone else does not add to the ability to properly learn. To achieve greater levels of sales success accomplishment, the performance indicators of the salesperson must increase by focusing on their areas of opportunity. There may be people in the office whose performance can be used as inspiration however there are crucial steps in the sales success learning process missed when creativity is sacrificed because of external competition. They must compete with themselves.

3)    Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Due to the nature of competition, the atmosphere on most sales’ floors can be very unfriendly. The demonstration of genuine gratitude has several benefits that make all of the days go by much smoother. From keeping the salesperson in the right state of mind for the customer, to having the feelings reciprocated from fellow associates, the attitude of being thankful always pays very well. Even if it is not returned, the giver still reaps many benefits that build character.

4)    Study Top Sales Success Performers

Success in sales involves a process of several steps that are well put together. Every person that excels executes their steps based on their personality and frame of thought. To properly investigate the success patterns in the sales environment, the top performers should be studied. How their day is started, how their customers are greeted, and how they close their sales, are three steps that should be fully understood. If all else fails, taking a top performer to lunch to discuss their best techniques is always a great recommendation.

5)    Create a Step by Step Process with the Sales Success Flow

Being prepared mentally is the most important step in sales; however, having a process with the sales flow is a very close runner up. The most mentally prepared salesperson without a plan for execution will end up very frustrated because of confusion during the process. The process should be broken down into steps based on company training and/or from one of the top performers to ensure that the salesperson can begin to build upon a foundation. Once the process is broken down into separate parts, the salesperson can properly master each step until the entire sale’s puzzle is pieced together.

6)    Create a Daily Schedule

Structure is such an important missing link that adds elemental development to the salesperson. Alignment in life involves the repetition of successful habits and the salesperson that creates a positive set of daily patterns heavily increases his/her chances of positive results on the sales floor. Sticking to the schedule is a must.

The six ways to shoot to the top of any sales career will help anyone in a sales position. On the other hand, these sales success guidelines will also benefit anyone in life. The definition of selling is usually restricted to the transfer of ownership from one to another, but the process of persuasion is selling an idea, so in essence, everyone is a salesperson.

 About the Author

Kinja Dixon is an internationally award-winning sales management expert and motivational speaker. In 2013, Dixon won both a Gold Stevie Award and American Resort Development Association Award (ARDA) for Top In-House Salesperson, making him one of the most accomplished salespeople alive today. In Universal Talk Laws: How to Increase Your Net Worth With Words, Dixon offers practical advice on the art of verbal communication. For more information on sales success, visit www.kinjadixon.com.


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