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5 Tips For Small Business Startups

[ 0 ] Mar. 6, 2014 | SBO Editor

tips for small business startups

Entrepreneur shares his five tips for small business startups.

On a freezing cold day in 2011, Zeeshan Kaba was struck with debilitating allergies. He reached into his pocket and found only a Halls cough drop, which wasn’t going to help him in that moment. Then a light bulb went on that would change his life.

He thought: There are tons of options if you have a cold. Cold-eez, Halls, and Ricola to name a few. But why were there no ‘quick fixes’ for allergies?

All of a sudden, he was on a mission – so he went home and called his cousin, Dr. Omar Javery. Together, the two of them began developing AllergEase, a tasty, all-natural lozenge that relieves the symptoms of allergies fast.

A year later, they had a product. The next year, they had distribution with major retailers. A year after that, they had loyal customers across the United States, reaching one-million in revenue and steadily growing.

Tips For Small Business Startups

1. Understand and embrace the level of commitment you are about to put forward to make your idea/product successful. Starting a business is not easy, but if you’re prepared to take the downs with the ups, you will find your work extremely rewarding.

2. Set goals for the short, middle, and long term every month. Realize that those goals will change and be prepared to adjust.

3. Hire smart. Small Business Startups require a different type of culture and mentality. Get to know your team on a personal level to ensure that these are people who will enhance your culture and add value to the company. Making the wrong hire can really hurt the growth of small business startups.

4. Take a step back, shut up and listen. When you’re passionate, it’s easy to get worked up. If you don’t like what you’ve heard, step back, process it, write things down, and give yourself time to cool off. Then speak logically about the issues at hand.

5. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s impossible to perform at your highest level ALL of the time. If you’re having an off day, assess the positive, go home an hour early and take some time to relax, meditate, and re-focus. Then come back the next day ready to CRUSH IT.

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