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3 Reasons You Need A LinkedIn Strategy

[ 0 ] Mar. 10, 2014 | SBO Editor


What’s your LinkedIn strategy?

By Michael Idinopulos

CMO @PeopleLinx

Everyone who matters to your business is already on LinkedIn.

Now with over 250 million members and two new users every second, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest trade show. Everyone who matters to your business is on there. Your customers are using LinkedIn. So are your prospects. As well as your channel partners and your shareholders.

So what about your employees? They’re all over LinkedIn. From your superstar sales reps to the guys in the mailroom. Most are on it weekly; many are on it numerous times per day. They check it on their smartphones over breakfast and on their laptops during conference calls.

Your LinkedIn Strategy

When you have that many stakeholders assembling in one place, you need to have a strategy.

LinkedIn has gone beyond job-hunting.

What started as a job-hunting device now touches every aspect of a business. While some employees may still be job-hunting, the vast majority are using LinkedIn in ways that directly affect your company. They’re getting advice from business thought leaders. They’re keeping up with business trends. They’re searching for prospects. They’re building relationships with industry contacts who will someday buy from you, sell to you, or work for you.

LinkedIn is bigger than your recruiting department. It touches all facets of your business.

Your employees need and want direction on how to use LinkedIn.

Your employees use LinkedIn to represent themselves, your brand, products, and services. Most of them are doing it poorly. Their photos aren’t professional, their profiles undersell their experience, and their networks aren’t relevant.

That’s a problem for both your employees and your company. People don’t buy from brands. They buy from people they know and trust. When a client or prospect Googles someone from your company, their LinkedIn profiles will come up first. Those profiles had better be compelling.

Employees realize they need help on LinkedIn. It’s not an easy problem to solve because there isn’t one solution. Each employee’s use of LinkedIn depends on his or her role as well as your industry, go-to-market strategy, branding, and messaging.

For your company to get value from the biggest trade show on earth, you need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish, how your organization will get there, and how you’ll measure success. In other words, you’ll need a strategy.

About the Author

Michael Idinopulos is the CMO @PeopleLinx. Michael led one of the earliest enterprise-scale deployments of blogs, wikis, and social networking. Michael’s TEDx talk, “Mr. Manager, Tear Down These (Digital) Walls” is available on YouTube. Michael holds a B.A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in philosophy from U.C. Berkeley. Visit peoplelinx.com/‎ for more info.


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