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How To Become A Side-Gig Entrepreneur

[ 1 ] Feb. 1, 2014 | SBO Editor

Side-gig entrepreneur jewelry maker

You can become a side-gig entrepreneur if you’re not ready to leave your job and start a business full-time.

You should consider becoming a side-gig entrepreneur if you’ve ever asked yourself:

Will I ever be able to stop worrying about getting laid off? Will I ever sleep free of nightmares over keeping up with the demands of student loan debt, a mortgage, and childcare costs?

Like countless Americans, that’s what financial columnist Kimberly Palmer thought—until she became a side-gig entrepreneur. In her book The Economy Of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life (AMACOM, $21.95), Palmer share how she gained not only financial peace of mind, but also a wealth of insight into a growing side-gig entrepeneur movment. In the process of researching, developing, and launching a business—her own line of digital financial planners—to supplement her full-time job, Kimberly crosses paths with many different people on a similar quest. At her office, coworkers worked after hours on ventures from running a social media consultancy to farming honey bees. At her favorite deli, the sandwich maker ran his own side-gig entrepreneur custom cake business at night.

Eager to explore and learn more, Kimberly wound up not only building a sustainable side business, earning her over $10,000 in extra annual income, but also writing a book to teach others plagued by job insecurity and economic anxieties how to go into business for themselves without quitting their day job.

Why should overworked workers invest time and energy in a side-gig entrepreneur business? For starters, side gigs can fill the gap between a primary income and soaring expenses, especially in times of wage freezes and pay cuts. If a layoff happens, side gigs can help casualties not only pay their bills, but also maintain their professional identity, build new skills, and make new contacts. “Having a side gig can give you a sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment beyond what you get from your main source of employment,” says Palmer.

Become A Side-Gig Entrepreneur

Her book, The Economy of You profiles dozens of successful side-gig entrepreneurs  (a musical instrument repairman who sells voice-overs on the web; a content manager who moonlights as a holistic healer; a medical sales professional who also sells wine online) and offers readers concrete guidelines including:

o Questions to help spark ideas for side-gigs entrepreneur businesses.

o Tips for testing the waters and keeping costs low.

o Pointers on juggling responsibilities.

o Strategies for maximizing social media.

o Branding and marketing basics.

o Time management techniques.

Featuring exercises, worksheets and a list of the top 50 most popular and well paying side-gigs, the book illuminates a path to freedom from financial worry as a side-gig entrepreneur.

The author is the senior money editor and Alpha Consumer blogger for U.S. News & World Report. As a side-gig entrepreneur, she has her own series of financial guides based around life events, Palmer’s Planners, sold through her shop on www.Etsy.com and learn more about the book at www.amacombooks.com.

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