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Set Up A Customer Loyalty Program

[ 0 ] Feb. 10, 2014 | SBO Editor

Customer loyalty program

Why should you establish a customer loyalty program using key tags and plastic cards? A customer loyalty program can be the most effective marketing tool a company has because it not only attracts news customers to the business, but it also keeps customers coming back again and again. A loyalty or rewards program is used all year long to provide customers with great deals and exclusive offers that regular customers don’t have access to. Customers can either pay a yearly fee to participate in the program or it can be completely free to join to entice more people to participate. It’s easy to set up a loyalty program of your own, just follow these simple ste ps shared by Braun Barski, Founder of Keytag1.com – a key tags and plastic card printer – to get started.

1. Decide what your customer loyalty program will offer

The first step to setting up your customer loyalty program is to decide what it will offer customers and to determine how much your customers will have to spend to get these special offers. With a loyalty program you can set it up so that each customer gets points for every purchase made or every dollar spent at your store. They can choose to save these points or spend them on rewards and discounts. Another idea is to offer a free item after your customer has made 10 purchases. You can offer different promotions throughout the year, but just make sure that you make your customers feel like they are getting a great value.

2. Design your customer loyalty cards and key tags

In order for a loyalty program to work you need to give your customers in the program loyalty cards or key tags to use at your store. This card or key tag will help you keep track of your customers and analyze their shopping habits. A good loyalty card will have your logo and brand colors on the card as well as a barcode to scan and maybe some of your customer’s information on it. You can include their name, a photo, phone number, member ID number, etc. You can even have punchable key tags and plastic cards — the hole punch can have a unique shape to indicate an authentic punch. Customers will be excited to have a card with their unique information on it and whenever they pull out their key chain other people will see your card and a good card will attract peoples’ attention and have them asking questions about it. Next thing you know yo u’ll have a new member for your loyalty program.

3. Promote your customer loyalty program

There are many different ways for you to promote your loyalty program, either in store or online. Hang up posters outside and inside your store with some information on the program’s rewards. Let people know to ask at the counter for more details on the program. The rewards will draw them in, especially if they know that it’s free to sign up. Online you can promote your program by sending out an email newsletter to your customers, promote it right on your website, and post about it on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your social media followers know about the different discounts and special offers they can be getting each week if they sign up for the program.

Braun Barski, is the CEO of KeyTag1, LLC. For more info, please call 207.317.6099. Visit www.keytag1.com to learn all about key tags and plastic cards as well as marketing ideas on the KeyTag1 blog.


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