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Meet Ahmed Khattak, Founder of GSM Nation

[ 0 ] Feb. 6, 2014 | SBO Editor

Ahmed Khattak of GSM Nation

Ahmed Khattak is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. He went to Yale University where he studied Electrical Engineering and History and graduated in 2009. He founded GSM Nation in 2010 and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute was instrumental in ensuring that they hit the ground running. Ahmed build a $100 million smartphone/wireless business before the age of 30.

GSM Nation, a wireless retail and services company, is changing the way we use our phones and has been a major influence in raising consumer awareness and the industry-wide shift away from overpriced contracts. Disrupting the market like no-one else, it is encouraging the US wireless industry to shift away from the practice of signing customers into restrictive, overpriced contracts by offering alternatives that would save wireless customers in the US in the region of $1 billion dollars.

 GSM Nation Offers Contract-Free Service

While T-Mobile now only offers contract-free phones and AT&T does so quietly because they do not want you to know — Ahmed Khattak, who is the co-founder and CEO of GSM Nation,LLC , saw this coming years ago and caused a shift in the industry when he started his contract free wireless company. By not signing overpriced two year deals, consumers will save consumers $1B annually in the coming years and get the same service.

Ahmed predicts that by 2017 up to 70% of the country will be contract free.

About GSM Nation

Founded in 2010, GSM Nation is a premium on-line phone retailer and wholesaler with sales of $100M+ over three years. According to the company website, “We are proud of our roots on the college campus of Yale, our brand, and our vendor relationships that span suppliers from Korea to Germany. Today, we sell a wide selection of smartphones, tablets and other wireless accessories to retailers and end-users in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and in the MiddleEast. Our site also hosts the “Savings Calculator” – a wireless plan comparison tool that has helped consumers save thousands of dollars in phone bills by switching to contract-free services. We also provide Customer Support for our devices and full forward and reverse logistics. We pride ourselves on our customer service and earned a 5-star rating from Reseller Ratings with a score of 9.83 out of 10.”

GSM Nation was named one of the top 25 most promising companies of 2011 by Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2012, Empact100 named GSM Nation as one of the top 100 companies of 2012, and was recognized with the ‘Most Disruptive Company’ award during its ceremony at The White House. Recently, GSM Nation has been recognized in Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines for it’s focus on innovation and the growth the company has delivered over the last three-years while maintaining a lean business structure.

Says GSM Nation, “Our aim of offering a secure, transparent, and fun online shopping experience is the reason we are completely open about who we are and where we work and offer more than just customer service—not only can you keep in touch with us 24/7 through a combination of email or phone but, when you call, it doesn’t just have to be about what phone to buy. It can be for tech support, advice on what wireless service to use, or to learn about what 4G/LTE exactly is. If the gossip is interesting enough, we’ll even listen to you complain about your neighbor.”

Ahmed Khattack has an obsession with wireless technology, is an avid squash player and a childhood support of Arsenal FC. Ahmed’s email is contact@gsmnation.com.



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