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Make More Money and Earn Extra Cash

[ 0 ] Feb. 8, 2014 | SBO Editor

make more money and earn extra cash

10 easy ways to make more money and earn extra cash right now.

There is no question that we can all benefit from extra cash these days. Here are ten ways you can make more money and earn extra cash this month.

ERRAND SERVICE: Just about everyone suffers from lack of time in this hassled society. You can make more money and earn extra cash in by taking on some of these chores and tasks for your neighbors, family, colleagues and small businesses in your community. Charge by the hour, say $10 to $30, whatever your market will bear. Deliver prescriptions for the local pharmacy, buy groceries for senior citizens, take patients to their doctor’s appointments, park cars, Check craigslist.com for potential moneymakers in your area and also check domystuff.com which lists tasks you can bid on to make extra money every week.

BED & BREAKFAST: If you have a spare room and bath in your home and live in a community that attracts travelers on a regular basis—near a resort, college, or other tourist destination—consider renting out the space as a quasi, informal bed & breakfast. Screen your potential guests by renting the room via word-of-mouth to college friends and family, work colleagues, etc. You don’t need to provide an elaborate breakfast, just some coffee/tea and cereal/instant oatmeal, fresh fruit would be nice. You can make more money and earn extra cash in your own home.

DECLUTTER: Get rid of unwanted items in your home and make more money and earn extra cash while doing it. Start an account on ebay and sell your old Cds, books, clothing, household goods, collections, sports equipment, and just about anything else you have. Turn your trash into treasure. You’d be surprised what people will pay for your old go-go boots, golf clubs, handbags and Beatle cards. Visit ebay.com and set up an account and empty your attic & garage.

TEACH A SKILL: If you can speak another language, develop games and write computer programs, sew, play a sport really well or have another teachable talent or skill such as playing a musical instrument, you can make more money and extra cash in your spare time by teaching others to do the same.  Do some research on rates in your area for similar services and charge accordingly. Advertise in the local paper and hang fliers in the community.

DIRECT SELLING: There are many options from which to choose in the direct selling business: make more money and earn extra cash selling everything from Avon and PartyLite to vitamin sales and more. Some individuals pursue these opportunities on a full-time basis while others just use the part-time income to pay their car loan, student bills, or put the money aside for a down payment on a home. Go online and do a google.com search for “direct selling options.” See what’s available in areas of interest to you. Also visit our turnkey business opportunity section for more than 150+ lowcost businesses to start now http://www.sbomag.com/business-opportunities-directory/

HOME SERVICES: We’ll group plant care and pet care under “home services” as you can perform both of these tasks for your clients while they are away at work, on vacation, etc. If you intend to pursue this moneymaking venture—that can pay you anywhere from $10 to $50 an hour, depending on where you live, and how many pets you’ll care for—you might want to get “bonded.” This means that you will not be responsible for anything that breaks in the home while you are there. You can learn about this process from your local County Clerk’s office.

TUTORING: Similar to teaching a skill or talent, this is strictly academic. You tutor kids in math, science, a language or another subject to make more money and earn extra cash.  You can go to the student’s home and do your tutoring there so you don’t need a home office or other professional looking setup. The national rates for tutoring range from $20 to $75 an hour depending on your region of the country.

LANDSCAPER’S ASSISTANT: You don’t need the knowledge of Martha Stewart to be an assistant to a local landscaper to make more money and earn extra cash. The ads for these jobs usually start appearing in the early spring. Check your local newspapers. Assistants perform tasks such as pulling weeds, digging holes, transplanting bushes and trees, leaf raking and yard cleanup all under the supervision of a group leader. You can work part-time during the week and/or on weekends.

MAIL ORDER: Find a simple product you can sell. Advertise online, through the Google AdSense program, set up an ebay.com store, or sell through your free blog that you’ve established at blogger.com. See our mail order feature on more ways to earn extra cash in mail order at http://www.sbomag.com/2014/01/mail-order-delivers-3/

Scan the various online marketplaces to find goods you can purchase in bulk at inexpensive prices. Double the price, add on shipping and handling fees, and you are in business.

HOME CHORES: Start a home chore business performing all of the disagreeable but necessary tasks for homeowners: lawncutting, pool cleaning, garage cleaning, deck power washing, window washing, car washing, vegetable garden set-up, outdoor furniture cleaning, etc. Develop a pricing structure for your home chores and print up a flyer and start circulating it at laundry mats, supermarkets, mall bulletin boards, etc. Consider placing an ad in the local newspaper and see how it draws.

Take a drive, bike ride or walk around your community and take inventory of the services that are needed. If there are no gaps, is there a current service that you could provide, better, faster and cheaper? Sit down with a pad and pen and come up with some ideas and jot down ways you could market and promote your service.  Visit our website at: www.sbomag.com for resources on how to start and run your moneymaking venture.

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