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Success Is Natural For Sister Bliss

[ 4 ] Feb. 13, 2014 | SBO Editor

Sister Bliss

Entrepreneurs have a keen knack for discovering a niche, spotting an opportunity, locating a problem that needs to be addressed. In this case, Phoenix Evander, owner/creator, of aromatherapy wonder Sister Bliss, identified a need in the marketplace for extraordinarily pure and inventive aromatherapy products and decided to launch a small business to meet the growing demand for these natural commodities.

Bold. Inventive. Extraordinary. These are just a few words clients of Sister Bliss use to describe the company that takes aromatherapy to a higher level.

Sister Bliss products are original and distinctive aromatherapy blends that use 100% pure, high integrity botanical extracts to create their unique aromas. According to founder Evander, “We celebrate gracious living through the sense of smell and the emotions that arise when used.”

The mission statement for Sister Bliss says it all:

“Sister Bliss was designed to enhance the life of the user by creating well-being and enjoyment wherever it is used. We respect the Earth and the life that inhabits it and we have committed to use only Earth friendly, organic elements in all of our products.”

Each bottle of Sister Bliss is hand poured to ensure the ultimate in quality and consistency. Yes! Hand poured. Drop by drop.

“Sister Bliss aromas are healthy for you and are a higher quality alternative to factory-made, mass quantity commercial products because our products are created strictly from natural elements and do not rely on artificial chemicals for their fragrance. They are pure, distinctive and authentic,” says Evander.

How Sister Bliss Began

“Sister Bliss was born from inspired necessity and a dream of something better.  I was working as a massage therapist at an upscale day spa owned by a woman that knew exactly how she wanted things and wasn’t afraid to tell you,” explains Evander.

“One day she decided she wanted the massage therapists to sell retail products to her customers yet the spa did not carry anything the massage therapists could realistically talk about with massage clients. She had plenty of skin care products to offer, but people don’t generally talk to their massage therapist about skincare and I explained this to her. She was open to new products being introduced that were more appropriate for her massage staff and told us to let her know if we found anything that would sell there,” says creator Evander.

“Later that same day, a woman was on my massage table who unfortunately for both of us had smelly feet. Massaging the feet is part of any good massage and  found myself silently pleading to the universe to help me find some kind of spray that I could use if this unpleasant situation ever arose again. So I went to a health food store to try to find something organic, but everything I found were things like tea tree oil sprays or blends that smelled practically as bad as the feet did. Between me needing to find an all natural anti-foot odor spray and the spa owner wanting us to sell sell sell, I decided I would be the one to solve both issues and buy some small bottles of essential oils and just make a great smelling, all natural spray for any kind of odor that needed covering up.

“After much experimentation my first blend Peppermint Alarm Clock was born. For the next several nights, more ideas for more formulas starting flooding in. I was awakened out of deep sleep  several nights with new ideas. I had the formulas already clear in my head and I just DID it. I bottled it, labeled it, and brought it to my boss. She fell in love with it, ordered a huge amount of it, and we started selling it at the spa and it was a huge success with our customers. Little by little I added formulas to my line, which has been in constant evolution ever since,” says owner/creator Evander.

Phoenix Evander’s single-most important piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

“Do more than what is expected every chance you get. Give it!”

For more information on the company or to order products visit www.sister-bliss.com

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  • Cyn Wes

    Sister Bliss products are outatanding! I’ve used them for myself and routinely purchase for friends and relatives. The product lines are diverse and the customer service is tops!

  • Denise Scarbro

    Great article! What an inspiration reading about creator Phoenix Evander’s journey, and as a customer, I can attest to the dedication and creativity applied to each and every scent. Sister Bliss products are not only an experience for the senses, but a beautiful tool for connecting with the greater parts of ourselves. Whether used for mediation, relaxation, or as a remedy for something that ails us, Sister Bliss brings it BODY AND SOUL!

  • Abby G. Mittelmann

    I too am a Sister Bliss customer. Just knowing that the delicious scents are 100% pure and natural makes it easy to order and reorder. And you get the personal attention of founder Phoenix Evander. What great customer service.

  • http://www.gene-manuelart.com/ Gene-Manuel Whirling

    Sister Bliss products are a constant in my studio. Not only because some of the materials I work with can be quite odorous but also because their products help me concentrate and take much needed breaks. NO WORRIES Bliss Mist is responsible for many breakthroughs whenever I’ve been a little stuck creatively!!