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Design Tips For Key Tags

[ 0 ] Feb. 21, 2014 | SBO Editor

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When you’re creating key tags, business cards, gift cards, rewards cards, membership cards, etc., you have tons of options for unique designs that will really make your business stand out. You don’t have to be a skilled graphic designer to come up with a great design for your cards to promote your business. There are plenty of free tools and resources online that can help you think of an amazing design for your key tags so that every time a customer uses it, anyone who sees it will be asking about it. If you’re short on time you can always call the professionals at KeyTag1, a key tags and plastic card printer, and they will help you create a custom design with their free design services. Braun Barski, Founder of KeyTag1, shares these tips and tricks for great key tag and plastic card designs.

1. Pick a cool shape for your key tags

Key tags and plastic cards come in several shapes and sizes so you can stick with a standard rectangular style, go for an s-style key tags, or even an oval-style key tag. Always think of what will be more convenient for your customers and what they will prefer to carry on their key ring or in their wallet. If you want your key tag to stand out then go for the more unique shape, like the oval-style which isn’t as widely used.

2. Use bright colors for your key tags

When picking out the colors for your business cards and key tags, you can stick with the colors of your logo or website which will allow people to easily and instantly recognize your cards. You can also have some fun with the color palette and pick eye-catching colors for a bright and fun design. However, don’t overdo it or your card may end up looking too flashy or garish. You can’t go wrong with picking a color scheme that matches your other branded materials.

For a website that will help you create the color palette go to http://colorschemedesigner.com.

3. Choose the right font

Your card might include a lot of text on it, from your business name to your address and more. Choose a font that best represents your type of business and the kind of customers/clients you attract. If you’re unsure of your font choice, pick a few other options and show them to your friends and family to get their opinion.

Use a website like http://wordmark.it that will allow you to enter any text and it will show you what that text looks like in all of the different font styles you have installed on your computer.

4. Browse photos for your key tags

Are you stuck on the right photo for your card design? You want to choose a professional looking photo with a high resolution so it looks clear when it’s printed on your key tag or card. A high-quality, professional photo will always enhance the look of your business cards and key tags. If you don’t have any original photos to use, there are several websites you can go to and search through tons of royalty free stock images.

Try searching through websites like:




5. Save space

It can be tempting to fit as much information as you possibly can on your card or key tag but sometimes this isn’t a good idea. You don’t want your card to look cluttered or have font that is too tiny to read. Want to send your customers to your Facebook page? Get a QR code printed on the back of your card. When people scan the code it will automatically take them to your social media site right on their smart phones.

For a free QR code generator try www.qrstuff.com.

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